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Preliminary plan for Omea "Grenache" 2.3


  • Switch to .Net 2.0/3.0
  • Move repository to SVN
  • Open access
  • Policy for patches adoption
  • License


  • JetListView performance optimization
  • Automatically convert two-line column representation into one-line when there is enough space to fit all columns.
  • Sort threads by last article/mail date


  • 2-Pane configuration, without Items list
  • Completely new UI elements layout
  • Simplify toolbar
  • Subst "Quick Find" by uniform representation in "Search" control
  • Toolbar buttons "move Next", "move Prev" (more suitable for tablet PCs)
  • Better visibility of <unread messages in the thread> expand/collaps icon
  • AbstractPane redesign - add filter buttons and search
  • Dettachable Workspace Bar
  • Redesign "See Also" across workspaces
  • "Your Summary" tab
  • One/Multi step UNDO

Filters, Rules, Views

  • New rules event - when a category is assigned to a resource
  • Preserve term highlighting when search results are converted to an ordinary view or after rule has been successfully applied to a resource
  • Extended search query language API
  • View/Rule condition: post of a "feed under the <folder>"
  • Calendar Pane with the possibility to select resources by date/range


  • Ability to intersect sets of resources ascribed to different categories/multifaceted categorization
  • Create directly new resource with auto-ascribing it to that category right-clicking on the category
  • "Assign Category" dialog: sort by category frequency


  • Distinguish graphically between new Contacts and those from which correspondence was already received
  • Redesign Contact Edit Dialog
  • Support pictures for Contacts

Plugin Architecture

  • Move all search facilities into "search provider" architecture, make it possible to plug all sorts of search.


  • CSS for showing attachments below the mail body (pictures with preview, texts with extracts)
  • Redesign of Folders structure to adopt different sources of emails
  • POP3 client


  • Annotation tab in Properties dialog
  • Redesign of Newspaper CSS for better aestetics
  • Extract <language> tag
  • RSS-like publishing import - recognize additional xml tags, convert them into custom properties


  • Refactor IM API for simpler integration of different IMs
  • AIM support
  • QIP support
  • Review newest ICQ support


  • Configurable set of prefixes (like "RE:", "FW:") to ignore when sorting by subject


  • Database synchronization
  • Resource Ticker - standalone, or integrated into Vista Sidebar
  • Resource Database performance and reliability fixes.
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  1. Very encouraging list. Does this mean omea development wihtin Jetbrains would pickup speed from now on?