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Currently, this is a pretty simple plugin that you can configure via the Tools | Options | Internet | Enclosures panel. Two RSSPost actions have been added to your Rules Manager. Download Enclosures downloads enclosures via HTTP download to the location specified above. Import Enclosures downloads enclosures and adds them to your selected media player, either iTunes or Windows Media Player (new). Two analogous menu items are available for ad hoc downloads when you right-click on an RSSPost that has an enclosure.

To automatically download enclosures, build a rule that includes the feeds whose enclosures you want to download and add one of the aforementioned actions to either download or import the enclosures. You might want to add a desktop alert or text message for certain enclosures.

Plans for additional features include the following:

  1. partial downloads and resuming of downloads,
  2. a Bittorrent client.

Version History: - Initial release. Imports enclosures to iTunes. - Uses network thread for downloads. Adds ability to import enclosures to Windows Media Player. Shows more informative status messages. Consolidated to one assembly, plus iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries.

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