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Code: LocalizationBugOC-6896Match proper Localizable.strings per project.
BugOC-11707"Rename localized string" doesn't work
BugOC-122533.2 EAP (141.2391.1): "unknown localization doesn't contain the value for ..."
BugOC-12226AppCode mixes Localizable.strings files
PerformancePerformanceCPP-5892CLion uses excessive amounts of memory
Code: DocumentationUsabilityCPP-684All declaration modifiers should be included in quick doc
BugCPP-5712Quick documentation incorrect for anonymous enum
FeatureCPP-5155Quick Documentation should have links to references types and files
BugCPP-5846Quick documentation doesn't show class for implemented class method
BugCPP-5833Quick documentation doesn't show template union
Code: GenerationCosmeticsCPP-5996Wording: generate definitions "in-place", not "inplace"
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-5965Eigen regressions caused by new variadics EAP
BugCPP-5004False error: Parameter mismatch expression must be rvalue on constructing std::thread
BugCPP-3615False warning about binding to const references
BugCPP-5809False error if template function parameter is array
BugCPP-5393SFINAE is not working in implicit constructor calls
BugCPP-5375Resolve fixes and optimizations
Code: ParsingBugCPP-5702Trove hashcode contract violation error thrown from com.jetbrains.cidr.lang.preprocessor.OCInclusionContext.define
BugCPP-5701java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown from com.jetbrains.cidr.lang.preprocessor.OCParsingNameScope.<init>
Code: RefactoringUsabilityCPP-5990Unnecessary Pull/Push/Move restriction: class must be declared in the header file
Project ModelBugCPP-5603Delay project reload when completion window is shown in the editor
ConsoleBugIDEA-150589Analyze stacktrace: deadlock (endless loop in R/A) in decompiler after some exception
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-152048RTL support: Strings including "\\" are getting mixed and not aligned properly
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-148519Find in Path Directory dropdown makes it impossible to distinguish between long paths
UsabilityIDEA-150397"Find in path" dialog "Text to find" dropdown glitch when tab is hit
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-151598Diffs not shown for files in a Git worktree of a bare repository
BugIDEA-151690Git Worktrees: review all usages of GitRepositoryImpl & substitute by GitRepositoryFiles
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-149737SVN Merge from trunk not working
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