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No subsystemFeatureOC-12658Bundle CoffeeScript plugin in AppCode
FeatureOC-12659Bundle Stylus plugin in AppCode
Code: Auto-importBugOC-13025AppCode EAP suggests .m imports instead of warning that function is not visible
Code: NavigationBugOC-12639Swift: Resolving of enum initializers
Code: ParsingBugOC-12913Error parsing initialiser in return statement with "Self"
BugOC-12985Swift Syntax: named arguments in tuple patterns
Code: ResolvingBugOC-11752Swift class members are exposed into parent scope if class is locally defined in function
BugOC-13002Infer correct configuration for swift modules
BugOC-12878Enum member is not resolved in if-case statement
DebuggerFeatureOC-12896'Set Value' for CoreData objects in Swift
BugOC-12999"Jump to source" does not work for fields of generic classes
BugOC-12959Use casting in evaluate expressions only when necessary
BugOC-13059Broken debugger on Xcode 7.3b2
Usability ProblemOC-2985Attach to Existing Process: usability issues
Debugger: LLDBBugOC-11122Debugger: Exception during attach to process
BugOC-12840Exception when attached target finishes
IDE PreferencesFeatureOC-12267Add Eclipse keymap
Project ModelFeatureOC-12438Add 'Mark Directory As' action to control source, library, and exclude folders
BugOC-12996EA-77491 - IVFAE: VirtualDirectoryImpl.doFindChild - com.intellij.openapi.vfs.InvalidVirtualFileAccessException
Project ViewBugOC-12930Project icons are missing in "Open Project" dialog being opened from Welcome Screen
Usability ProblemOC-12623Distinguish source roots in AppCode files view
Structure, Hierarchy ViewsPerformanceOC-11526Swift Structure View: UI freeze if structure tree is huge
Swift SupportFeatureOC-12078Swift: Support option set types
No subsystemBugCPP-2873warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=350m; support was removed in 8.0
TaskCPP-5611Featured plugins page on welcome wizard should propose JetBrains Markdown plugin instead of third party one
Code: DocumentationBugCPP-5252Quick documentation shows internal error for anonymous class/struct/enum
BugCPP-5282QuickDocumentation for explicit instantiation
BugCPP-5411Quick docs doesn't display initialisation values for some STL cases
BugCPP-5309Quick Documentation should not show 'parameter' for function parameters
BugCPP-5392QuickDocumentation: lambda expression
UsabilityCPP-682Quick doc for namespace alias
Code: FormattingBugCPP-5711Questionable pluralisation of the word "Enum"
BugCPP-4648Ugly lambda formatting when wrapping functions
Code: ParsingBugCPP-5321Explicit class instantiation: OCStructSymbol doesn't contain template specialization list
BugCPP-5696NullPointerException while typing namespace alias
Code: RefactoringsBugCPP-5537Mathematica plugin interfere CLion refactorings
BugCPP-4172Deletion of *.m from file types association causes the exception during rename refactoring
DebuggerFeatureCPP-1001Attach to existing local process
BugCPP-5571Exception when detach some processes
Debugger: LLDBUsabilityCPP-5520Debugger:LLDB: slow response on 'stop'
User InterfaceCosmeticsCPP-5179UI glitch: 'References to ... class class'
ConsoleBugIDEA-149450ANSI escapes not interpreted as expected
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-149184Add auto scale to fit downscaling, remember zoom factor and zoom both images at once options to image diff
FeatureIDEA-16394Option to turn off inspections in diff window
UsabilityIDEA-137936New diff shows less code than before
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-147003Provide syntax aware 'move left'/'move right' actions
FeatureIDEA-103995Auto import methods on the fly
FeatureIDEA-23487Parameter Shifting like Method Shifting
BugIDEA-64896Enter Handler doesn't generate JavaDoc in specific case
BugIDEA-150505Underlines characters invisibles
BugIDEA-149995Folded code foreground not inherited from default text
BugIDEA-150819Keymap - multiple identical shortcuts for the same action
BugIDEA-149641Scrolling pane horizontal position does not follow the caret if Live Template variable placeholder is active
BugIDEA-150132When selecting and dragging text to "watches" most of the time the editor will start scrolling down and marking the whole text automatically.
BugIDEA-151013"Move statements right and left" works unreliably in XSLT
BugIDEA-76883The yml file has more code folding outline, and it position is error. (Have picture)
BugIDEA-110029documentation window disappears immediately
BugIDEA-150296java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: line must be non negative: -1
BugIDEA-150208Text selection is shifted / wrong text selection
BugIDEA-150074Java Imports get viewed wrong when adding new ones
BugIDEA-149817IntelliJ: Cannot navigate from usage to declaration of method because documentation overlay hides usage
PerformanceIDEA-150848Editor leak in AccessibleEditorComponentImpl
UsabilityIDEA-87318Backspace should delete whitespace to chosen indent level, or be configurable
UsabilityIDEA-149632Display editor notification for library class sources that don't match bytecode
UsabilityIDEA-150389Remove the term "Platform" from the UI
UsabilityIDEA-149712Various errors in widen-selection (ctrl-w)
TaskIDEA-149785Add an option in editor settings to disable adding carets on double-Ctrl+arrows
File SystemBugIDEA-150199cannot create file with non-ascii characters in name
ExceptionIDEA-137695Pycharm was working fine, however i restarted my computer and tried to open it and I got a java.lang.runtime exception
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-147920Make Find in Path result previews editable
FeatureIDEA-85093Find in files preview: allow to edit source file
BugIDEA-68160Find & Replace: preserve case bug
BugIDEA-149094Show usages popup speed search issues
UsabilityIDEA-139310"Find Usages" should report source usages before usages in generated code
UsabilityIDEA-80778Folding - provide an option to NOT automatically unfold when user performs Find.
IndicesPerformanceIDEA-148981Index rebuild doesn't complete after idea start
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-139017Can't launch IDE with custom-jdk-bundled under 32bit mode on the Mac OS X
UsabilityIDEA-147676Produce user-friendly error message on attempt to run IDE/Inspections/Duplicates under incompatible JDK
TaskIDEA-150999Replace Uninstall.exe during patch update.
TaskIDEA-141023Bundle JRE with minor IDEs
Task ManagementBugIDEA-101238Time tracking: Post work item: sending a comment with a space fails
User InterfaceBugIDEA-149219org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper should be disabled by default
BugIDEA-150726Gutter icons scaled wrong on Retina
BugIDEA-150547some labels are not accessible by mouse
BugIDEA-140995Toolwindow popup: no ordering
BugIDEA-149818Smart Step Into (Shift+F7) context menu focus does not between windows
UsabilityIDEA-149852White spaces shown in Editor are hardly noticible on HiDPI monitor
UsabilityIDEA-149961Zero latency typing mode ghosts old caret position briefly when editor.caret.width > 1
UsabilityIDEA-148456Regression: Remote SSH External Tools no longer appearing in Action dialog after upgrade to IntelliJ 15
UsabilityIDEA-149590Open File dialog should display icons for registered directory types (e.g. bundles on OS X)
CosmeticsIDEA-149501Hector popup: show hector icons next to levels
CosmeticsIDEA-113878"Compare by" combobox`s selected icon have invalid margins in "Sync with deployed" dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-149918Find Action shows strange "New Group (1)" action group
CosmeticsIDEA-149499Editor gutter: reduce "jumping" on intermediate indexing
CosmeticsIDEA-150453UI issues with speed-search in popup lists
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-149782Files Merged with Conflicts dialog should sort files by click to the table headers
FeatureIDEA-55508Need an ability to see file history from repository for file which is now deleted
FeatureIDEA-119269Git: Show history by selection - no way to copy the commit hash
FeatureIDEA-89348"Show history for selection" dialog: lack of "Show All Affected Paths" action
BugIDEA-149784Files Merged with Conflicts dialog does not allow type-to-search in table
BugIDEA-150624IDEA 15 "Apply Patch" is broken
BugIDEA-144633On applying patch for file of unknown type adding the confusing error message is shown
BugIDEA-148799Unshelve changes with unassociated file. Don't cancel unshelving.
UsabilityIDEA-35927Provide better user experience when applying patch or unshelving fails for some files in the patch/shelf.
UsabilityIDEA-60470Applying Patch: should do best attempt to apply to all files. Currently abandones process at first failure
UsabilityIDEA-150357Add mnemonic to "remove successfully applied files from the shelf" checkbox in unshelve dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-149151Cannot move focus through "Unshelve..." dialog by TAB
CosmeticsIDEA-149652Context menu options for Show/Hide Already Unshelved make no sense
ExceptionIDEA-148175Exception when reverting a commit from VCS history
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-143404Support git worktree feature
FeatureIDEA-136565Add "Checkout with Rebase" action equivalent to "git checkout feature & git rebase master"
BugIDEA-72282"Continue rebasing" should be disabled if no rebase operation is in progress
BugIDEA-135299'Git' -> 'Continue rebasing' reports "Successfully rebased 0 commits!" in case of error
BugIDEA-134058Git: can't show diff for removed file in "compare with branch"
BugIDEA-142648Continue rebase reports success but does nothing when rebase --skip had to be called
BugIDEA-81093Invoke the Conflict Resolver automatically if a conflict happens during rebase
UsabilityIDEA-60413IntelliJ should understand git rebase and show only relevant menu items
UsabilityIDEA-55479Git: auto-stash/unstash on 'rebase' command
UsabilityIDEA-149441Please add "checkout from version control" to the VCS->Git
UsabilityIDEA-150358Rebase reports error if user presses "cancel" in the interactive rebase dialog
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-146846Vcs log root filter: Ctrl+Click should be Cmd+Click on Mac
PerformanceIDEA-118190VCS Log: Select All in a large repository freezes the UI forever
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-150091Can not disable the plugin hg4idea
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-149870NPE when clicking Refresh in Repository tab of Version Control panel when using Perforce server
BugIDEA-150303Default p4 path doesn't work when running IDEA from JetBrains Toolbox on MacOS
BugIDEA-148592Dead lock in IntelliJ 15.0.1!
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