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Code: CompletionBugOC-8506@import keyword is not suggested in the completion
Code: EditingBugOC-12554AppCode does not insert '@' literal before strings in Objective C anymore
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeatureOC-12429Support `rethrows` and offer Quick Fixes to surround with 'do/catch', and 'try'
BugOC-10672Good code red: typedef with same name as protocol
BugOC-10705"Memoize" is not in the spellchecking library
Code: IndexingBugOC-12345Swift symbols processed every time a particular project is opened
BugOC-12513Deadlock during indexing a Swift project
Code: Intention ActionsBugOC-12648Incorrect intention with Objective-C generics
Code: NavigationFeatureOC-9697Include Objective-C symbols into search everywhere
FeatureOC-11878Include Swift symbols in Search everywhere
Code: ParsingFeatureOC-12504Support #available(tvOS) for Xcode 7.1
BugOC-11862Swift parser is broken in some array init cases
BugOC-12540Variable declaration: parsing & highlighting
Code: ResolvingBugOC-12415__kindof annotation: Incorrect warning "Interface xxx is not a successor of yyy"
BugOC-12498AppCode shows methods, declared in categories without generic construction, for classes with generic when used for its subclasses as 'not visible'
BugOC-12509CNContact is not successor of CNMutableContact reported as warning
BugOC-12530Wrong syntax highlighting and issue resolving when class and protocol have same names
BugOC-12532Incorrect type of send message expression when there are several targets and some of them are unresolved
BugOC-12724Objective-C Generics: Extensions are not resolved in successor classes.
DebuggerBugOC-12557Obj-C symbols are completing as C++ in symbolic breakpoints editor
Debugger: LLDBFeatureOC-11121Debugger: Support watches and expression evaluation for Swift variables
BugOC-12676LLDB does not work due to strict firewall
BugOC-12647Incorrect rendering for CoreData objects in Swift debugger if CoreData class annotated with @objc
Project and File WizardsBugOC-12843NPE when creating new Objective-C class in a project with "Class Prefix" set
Project ModelPerformanceOC-12689AppCode hangs for 5-10 minutes when opening project, or when project is updated.
BugOC-12562PCH file is not found by AppCode
Project viewPerformanceOC-12569Moving files is super super slow
RunningBugOC-12612C++ stacktrace output does not link back to source if source is compiled into a dylib not main executable
Unit TestingBugOC-12742Can't run Mac tests since El Capitan
Xcode IntegrationBugOC-12511Apple TV simulators are not available
Code: CompletionBugCPP-4711Code completion using wrong references
TaskCPP-5056Add statistics for auto-fixing qualifying token in completion
UsabilityCPP-5137Disable name qualifier correction for types with overloaded operator->()
Code: DocumentationBugCPP-4554Structs defined in inline typedefs do not correctly show up in quick definition.
BugCPP-3661Quick documentation for type aliases is missing
UsabilityCPP-3687Quick documentation should include template parameters for classes
UsabilityCPP-2740Parameter Info: show default params and their values
Code: EditingBugCPP-4644IDE freezes when editing expression with template functions and fluent interface
Code: FormattingUsabilityCPP-4823Disambiguate 'method/function parameters', remove 'method' work from function related settings etc
Code: GenerationBugCPP-1193Implement fuction with void argument generates invalid code func(void v)
BugCPP-4470when calling base function use name in current function not in base
BugCPP-4920Surround With action for {0} initializer causes internal IDE error
BugCPP-4676Override Functions... command generates invalid code for functions with nameless parameters
BugCPP-4469suggest name when implementing function with unnamed arg
BugCPP-4922Missing constexpr after implementing function
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-4938false positive: value escapes local scope for automatic static variable
BugCPP-225Typo hint appears twice
BugCPP-4947Spellchecker not working in literals
BugCPP-4868False parameter type mismatch for range initialization constructors of some STL containers
BugCPP-4962Length of UTF8 encoded char literal is incorrectly deduced when assigning to array variable
Code: IndexingPerformanceCPP-4871Increase responsiveness during indexing with symbols comparing
Code: NavigationFeatureCPP-3181Include C/C++ symbols in Search everywhere
Code: ParsingBugCPP-4584Unbalanced tree exception throws constantly
BugCPP-3872Empty macro argument blows up C++ parser when used in token concatenation operator
BugCPP-4789__has_attribute(...) macro is always false
BugCPP-5119Includes are not resolved with case-sensitive file systems
BugCPP-5001Macro Expansion: 'Expression Expected' In Conditional Expressions
BugCPP-5013Macros from inlined headers are substituted to empty strings if referencing other macros
BugCPP-4972gcc attribute after constructor signature with member initializer list incorrectly generates a syntax error.
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-3179CLion can't switch between declaration of function "int fun(void)" and "int fun()"
BugCPP-2278Type of std::map::find is not inferred (produces invalid 'auto0')
BugCPP-4235[regression] Exception: PsiInvalidElementAccessException in ASTDelegatePsiElement.getManager()
BugCPP-1389implementation for function without parameters not recognized when parameter list contains void
Project and File WizardsUsabilityCPP-4846New C/C++ Source File: Create associated header checkbox should be disabled by default
Project ViewPerformanceCPP-4768IDE freezes with large code base
Unit TestingBugCPP-4832New Unit Test configuration does not inherit the executable target and configuration from Unit Test configuration template
Unit Testing: Google TestBugCPP-4750Exception when select GoogleTest in Run Configuration when target is not selected
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-140545Escape closes the diff window
UsabilityIDEA-146998Directory compare looses ignore whitespace setting
UsabilityIDEA-147533Behavior of Next Difference action in three-way merge window regressed from version 14.x
UsabilityIDEA-148597If in the Commit dialog the Details pane has focus, Show Diff action doesn't allow to navigate between files in changelist
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-146710multi caret is not extended
BugIDEA-147150Kill to word start causes ArrayIndexOutOfBounds -1
BugIDEA-146507Emacs Tab fails to indent highlighted text
BugIDEA-148225{@code} and {@literal} Javadoc blocks aren't treated literally by Ctrl+Q
BugIDEA-140542Forward navigation to already navigated items (ctrl + alt + right )) seems to be broken
BugIDEA-147590Mac ctrl-k shortcut in multiselect only operates on last cursor
File SystemBugIDEA-147058Local file url passed to method that assumes standard file path format when watch roots are being set.
BugIDEA-147814IntelliJ keep jar file opened even after closing the project window
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-146663Typing on the replace field causes search preview to refresh
BugIDEA-145793"Project Files" missing from "Find in path" Custom scopes
BugIDEA-147773New instance creation usage does not detect constructor reference (SomeClass::new)
PerformanceIDEA-147082Slow typing in 'Find in Path' dialog caused by 'Preview' panel
UsabilityIDEA-147570"Find Next Occurrence" command does not remove extra carets
Local HistoryBugIDEA-146505Local History says "Tests Failed" when there were ignored tests
MacrosBugIDEA-143094Macros not working - they are in macros.xml but not shown in the menu
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-147197Don't check properties file for java version
BugIDEA-130951IDEA doesn't apply updates when running with the "nosplash" argument.
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-146525com.intellij.openapi.application.impl.ApplicationImpl.getStateStore()
BugIDEA-144970Settings Repository fails to read/merge
Task ManagementBugIDEA-104547misc.xml gets updated on project opening ( component TaskProjectConfiguration is removed)
User InterfaceBugIDEA-137697Sometimes editor starts scrolling on its own
BugIDEA-148145EditorGutter's extra space appeared
BugIDEA-146049Do not reuse tab on open from recent files
BugIDEA-146684Tool windows are not hidden automatically (non-pinned mode has no effect)
BugIDEA-146786Strange "alert-icon" location when trying to create a class with a bad name.
BugIDEA-144730HiDPI broken in 142.4491
BugIDEA-146537Frequent crash or hang on right-click of project explorer menus
BugIDEA-143450HiDPI on Win7: IDEA splash screen is truncated with text size set to larger (150%)
BugIDEA-146637Border is off on the tool window's title
BugIDEA-146980Buy and Eval buttons disabled after error messages in License server or JBA options
BugIDEA-146188Menus don't always drop down [Linux, GTK+ L&F]
BugIDEA-147711Labels in the JUnit Test Discovery run/debug configuration are truncated
BugIDEA-147091License: Convert button does not change to OK
BugIDEA-148433OS X default theme: dropdown lists don't look good
BugIDEA-143450HiDPI on Win7: IDEA splash screen is truncated with text size set to larger (150%)
UsabilityIDEA-143977Test tool window changes orientation only on tests rerun
UsabilityIDEA-143854IDEA ignores system DPI setting on Windows
CosmeticsIDEA-147045License dialog: Links 'More info...' and 'Forgot?' become black
ExceptionIDEA-140574SearchEverywhere invocation causes exceptions
Version ControlBugIDEA-148286Version Control: "select in git log" action from Annotations should be disabled for non-git projects or navigate to revisions lists
BugIDEA-138583Version control gets stuck when grouping by client
BugIDEA-146790"Unshelve..." doesn't use commit messages for new changelists
PerformanceIDEA-148148Repeated freezes while editing text
UsabilityIDEA-147618Let add a Keymap shortcut to open the "Local Changes" tab by a single action
UsabilityIDEA-90988"Delete local copies of added files" is not available if revert action is called from existing files
UsabilityIDEA-147655revert button at top level now reverts ALL files without warning Pycharm 5
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-71600Git: Update: Missing merge dialog (during unstash/unshelve) for conflicts like "local uncommitted modify"-"incoming delete"
BugIDEA-100199IDEA doesn't detect changes after external soft reset using Git.
BugIDEA-144593git plugin: mismatch between GitRepositoryReader and GitUtil.isGitRoot
BugIDEA-88893"Unregistered root" should be detected more precisely: e.g. .git folder may be used as Git settings or hooks collections.
PerformanceIDEA-144935Blocking EDT waiting for git command to be finished
PerformanceIDEA-143358Project leak (Git authenticator)
UsabilityIDEA-147758“Show in Git log” menu item missing in annotate pop-up
UsabilityIDEA-146518GitHub client fails on get repositories when multiple pages
ExceptionIDEA-142731Git: Merge: NPE at git4idea.merge.GitMergeProvider$MyMergeSession.<init> on modified-deleted conflict
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-147797Branch popup menu appears only after commit details are loaded.
UsabilityIDEA-137016VCS Log: Go to Hash/Branch/Tag action works confusingly together with filter by repository, when there are different refs with the same name in different roots
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-147283Revision graph action of the p4 plugin fails with: "Failed client connect, server using SSL" error
BugIDEA-146139Perforce annotations have some random gaps in them
BugIDEA-147943Perforce Jobs does not function
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-146424Subversion: cannot upgrade working copy from 1.6 to 1.7
BugIDEA-145355Subversion: with 'autoupdate after commit' option switched on, LocalChanges view is not refreshed after commit
BugIDEA-145934svn commit not working at all
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