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Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugOC-18356Unused import inspection / optimise imports do not work in 2019.1 EAP
BugOC-18426"Throwable: Error launching prebuild" with Xcode 10.2 beta on macOS 10.14.4
Code: ParsingBugOC-18411Can't use dollar sign ($) in variable and function names
Code: RefactoringsBugOC-18353Refactorings Rename and Extract Variable do nothing
BugOC-18294Unable to rename Objective-C class used in Swift code when caret is at init call
Code: ResolvingBugOC-18312Changing super-type list of local class causes PIEAE
BugOC-18424AppCode can't autocomplete enum
Debugger: LLDBPerformanceOC-18341Improve iOS device remote attach performance
Swift SupportBugOC-11175Swift: wrong text hint in highlight usages
File SystemPerformanceIDEA-180274Offload watch root setting from EDT
TerminalBugIDEA-204243In 2018.3 terminal doesn't save commands to the history (zsh).
User InterfaceBugIDEA-206775Remove Run Anything icon for IntelliJ IDEA
BugIDEA-203502Preview in "Find Usages" toolwindow turns green when disabled
CosmeticsIDEA-203937Vertical aligned windows can't be resized entirely anymore
CosmeticsIDEA-205826Annotation name is cropped on hiDPI monitor 175% scale
ExceptionIDEA-208621Bookmark dialog's move up/down actions do not work (throw exceptions)
User Interface. NavigationUsabilityIDEA-204149Disable Search Everywhere from automatically inserting last query
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-191688Resume indexing operation infinite pop-up dialog
DB ConnectivityFeatureDBE-1584Database: "Automatically disconnect after XX minutes" Property
FeatureDBE-2606Make it possible to run initialization scripts
FeatureDBE-5890KeepAlive setting in data source properties
BugDBE-7106Connection error after using mysql-dump on data source with ssh tunnel
DB ConsoleBugDBE-7896Datagrip notifications show raw HTML
IDE GeneralFeatureDBE-5854Console 'Save' is a weak spot in an otherwise brilliant product.
SQL Format and StyleFeatureDBE-2913SQL code style "Comma Inside Indent"
BugDBE-4641Reformat Code should not quote words like NEW, OLD, and EXCLUDED
SQL HighlightingFeatureDBE-7648PL/SQL Inspection to Report Use of GOTO statements
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