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No subsystemBugOC-17156Xcode 9.4: wrong Swift version detection
BuildBugOC-16329Cancelling build does not cancel application startup
Code: ParsingBugOC-16780Swift: parser error in for-in loop if variable has type annotation
PerformanceOC-17108Sometimes UI not responding: EDT freeze on parser lock
Code: RefactoringsBugOC-16994Rename Swift enum cases used in Objective-C code
Project and File WizardsBugOC-16999"Organization Identifier" field should be greyed out when it's not editable
BugOC-16965Adding a framework target is broken
BugOC-17112Adding targets: framework header appears in 'Project' section rather than 'Public'
Code: GenerationBugCPP-12627Code generation settings: Broken radio button for Const/volatile qualifier placement
Code: IndexingPerformanceCPP-12837Symbol building performance regression on header change
Code: ParsingBugCPP-12919Regression with std::function with gcc stl
Unit Testing: Google TestBugCPP-12748False "Error after macro substitution" for ACTION (gmock)
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-191159[windows] text in editor can float when parameter hint is on
File SystemBugIDEA-188926`VirtualFileManager.refreshWithoutFileWatcher` can take an extremely long time on a Windows FileSystem with a large number of mapped network drives
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-191460When you change the "Find in path" dialog box to "Replace in path", all buttons are not displayed
BugIDEA-179801Replace in File doesn't find all occurrences
BugIDEA-189518Search in path never completes when using named capturing groups in regexp
UsabilityIDEA-175973Enter file name search popup is not closing itself after losing focus when no value available in textbox.
User InterfaceBugIDEA-186229'Search everywhere' loses focus after some item selecting by mouse in the drop-down
BugIDEA-190206Wrong commit and push buttons rendering
BugIDEA-191170[windows] tip of the day picture is large on 125% scale
BugIDEA-191164[windows] text floats in preview diffs
BugIDEA-166871IDEA doesn't show 'Scratch File' button in navigation bar toolbar
BugIDEA-190806notification balloon shadow gaps
BugIDEA-186587'Replace all' confirmation popup is out of focus
BugIDEA-190607It is not possible enter another character in plugin window.
BugIDEA-190937Changing language in Scratch files not always properly updates file extension
Version ControlBugIDEA-186772Git compare two branches: sort is wrong
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-190787GitHub login dialog should not appear until Log in to GitHub is clicked
UsabilityIDEA-190585Drop-down list in Git Clone dialog could be confusing after adding GitHub completion
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-191521Duplicate changelist is created when submitting a part of files in a Perforce changelist
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-188180"Merge from" fails if branch location of the current branch is under some other branch location
BugIDEA-190790Subversion: tree conflicts can't be viewed if path contains spaces
BugIDEA-190960"Error updating changes: can not parse output" error in local changes for certain tree conflicts
UsabilityIDEA-158791Unexpected output of svn commands for a single file/revision should not prevent further svn operations
CosmeticsIDEA-188814Subversion: correct the title of "BranchOrTag" tab in Messages tolwindow
ExceptionIDEA-190935ISE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.branchConfig.SvnBranchConfigurationManager.resolveConfiguration
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