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Code: FormattingBugOC-16730Swift: formatter doesn't fix spacing between `canImport` directive and following parentheses
FeatureOC-11717Swift: add indent options for comments
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeatureOC-16712Support highlighting/completion for .gpx files
BugOC-15380False intention to implement protocol member when any parameter type in protocol method declaration is unresolved
Code: NavigationFeatureOC-8692Breadcrumbs for Objective-C
Code: Resolving BugOC-16782Static properties not resolved in static property bodies
BugOC-15672Swift: call to init defined in protocol extension isn't resolved in child class
BugOC-16010False 'cannot access' message for initialiser from NSObject in mixed Objective-C/Swift project
BugOC-15705Regression: Claims default implementations in protocol extensions did not satisfy protocol requirements in struct
BugOC-13979Symbols from 'PureLayout' Objective-C framework are not resolved in Swift code
BugOC-13978'import Firebase' Objective-C framework is not resolved in Swift code
BugOC-13434Swift symbols from one module are not resolved in another module that has implicit dependency on it
Project ModelBugOC-16701Exception while parsing a valid Xcode project
BugOC-16563Unable to load/parse valid xcodeproj
RunningFeatureOC-16634Extract options from Run/Debug Configurations settings into separate tab
BugOC-16820'Simulate location' button is not shown in run/debug console for tvOS targets
BugOC-16752Test run configuration: add possibility to set location simulation
Swift SupportFeatureOC-16499Swift 4.1: Conditional conformances (SE-0143)
Code: EditingFeatureCPP-12171Option for "Add a space at comment start"
FeatureCPP-4513Unwrap/remove code blocks
BugCPP-12074Unwrap in try-catch doesn't work
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugCPP-12246Incorrect inferred type of elements from structured bindings declaration initialized with std::tuple or std::tie (clang)
Code: IndexingBugCPP-12151"Invalidate caches..." doesn't invalidate symbols by default
Code: NavigationFeatureCPP-6314Breadcrumbs for C/C++
Code: ParsingFeatureCPP-8261Structured bindings
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-12103Error after macro substitution: Explicit type is required here
Debugger: LLDBBugCPP-8869LLDB prints small integer types as characters
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-178801Multi-line pasting in line comments
BugIDEA-187135Pasting multiple lines of Javadoc is broken
BugIDEA-184675Structure view: incorrect, unexpected Expand behavior
Version ControlBugIDEA-187108Commit action does not respect file selection in Local changes
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-187335On Partial Shelve reverts only selected changes are shelved, but the whole file is reverted
BugIDEA-187375Partial commit checkboxes are not always shown
BugIDEA-187425Partial Commits: Exclude Lines From Commit action does not work with deleted blocks
BugIDEA-187426Partial Commits: Exclude Lines From Commit action does not work with selection in left editor
BugIDEA-187702Git: Resolve conflict during rebase - "Accept Theirs" does not work
BugIDEA-187748Partial Commit: can't move file with changed line separators to another changelist
BugIDEA-187706Partial Commits: First included file is not selected in commit dialog by default
BugIDEA-187498On partial shelve the changes excluded from shelve are moved to default changelist
BugIDEA-185221Git 2.16 considers Builtin SSH as simple client => `ssh variant 'simple' does not support setting port` error on remote operations
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