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Code: CompletionUsabilityOC-5107Completion: ending method completion with TAB expected to use the following call expression as an argument
Code: DocumentationFeatureOC-12865Support multi-line comments in Quick Documentation for Swift
Code: IndexingBugOC-16569Compiler switch "c++17" or "gnu++17" is not supported
Code: ResolvingFeatureOC-14340Swift 3: Import as member (SE-0044)
BugOC-16403`AnyHashable` is implicitly convertible
BugOC-16556Numerous exceptions in Swift Project - possible related to resolving extensions
BugOC-16659SOE in resolve on 'KeyPaths.swift' from SDK
Swift SupportFeatureOC-16023Swift 4.1: Build Configuration Import Test (SE-0075)
FeatureOC-16498Swift 4.1: Remove ownership keyword support in protocols (SE-0186)
IDE PreferencesUsabilityOC-14629Custom bundles themes do not use inherited attributes for identifiers -> default
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsPerformanceCPP-11504Unnecessary running of "Code analysis"
BugCPP-11232Wrong 'field must be initialized' error
BugCPP-2168False positive "field must be initialized" with C++11 brace member initializer
BugCPP-8808False positive uninitialized const member reported when delegating construction a templated class
BugCPP-11743Unused inspection is not updated on local changes
BugCPP-11231Wrong 'private member is inaccessible' message for the friend declaration
Code: RefactoringsBugCPP-10435CLion doesn't show warning message when renamed class already exists
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-1547Default values aren't considered when invoking lambdas/operator()
DebuggerBugCPP-11330Stopping a debug session might lead to waiting for a write lock in EDT
IDE PreferencesUsabilityCPP-4441Bundle Monokai, GitHub schemes
BugCPP-11212Dark schemes use black foreground colors
BugCPP-10630Solarized Dark 'Default Identifier' color is black, illegible by default
BugCPP-3274Color schemes with improper configuration: "Right margin" not set, VCS marker not visible
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-178503Parameter hint blocks cursor
BugIDEA-186444Pasting a whole line doesn't work properly in Javadoc comments
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