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Code: CompletionBugOC-16284Completion popup is brought up after typing comment inside type declaration
BugOC-16286Broken documentation for completion with default arguments
Code: FormattingFeatureOC-15082Swift: Spaces for inheritance/conformance colon
Code: GenerationBugOC-16068Swift: missing create from usage intention for initializer of struct residing in different module
BugOC-16269Problems when overriding after setter access modifier
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugOC-16047"Incompatible Pointer Types" for Bridged Closures
BugOC-16223EA-86178 assert: OCAppCodeAnnotatorHelper.convertVersion
Code: NavigationBugOC-16083Line markers for super types are inconsistent
Code: ParsingBugOC-16138Swift: delayed highlighting for 'get'/'set' keywords
Code: RefactoringsBugOC-15517PsiInvalidElementAccessException on extracting method to category, create from usage and other actions (EA-1441825)
Code: ResolvingBugOC-16212Objective-C method returning/having parameter type NSArray/NSDictionary/NSSet is translated incorrectly in Swift
BugOC-16253Typealias from protocol is not resolved after 'Self'
BugOC-15495Objective-C method name ending with 'WithAnError' is unnecessarily simplified when translated to Swift
BugOC-15508Swift method having 'with' as a part of parameter name is resolved incorrectly in Objective-C
BugOC-16195Swift: Broken resolving of references with argument labels
BugOC-16290Wrong resolve of headers in macOS target
Structure, Hierarchy ViewsTaskOC-16289Get rid of the psi in the inherited structure view elements
Performance problemOC-12342File structure popup takes a bit too long to show up for Swift.swift file
Code: ParsingBugCPP-7461Better recovery from parsing errors in typedefs
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-10995False ambiguous error on tuple initialization
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-181024Replace in path broken
User InterfaceExceptionIDEA-181936Opening 'Find In Path' from 'Find Class' throws exception
Version ControlExceptionIDEA-181922NPE from VCS
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