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BuildBugOC-15757Swift files not recompiled on Objective-C changes
Code: CompletionBugOC-15807Override completion for properties appears inside class methods
Code: GenerationBugOC-15505NSObjectProtocol members are mistakenly offered for implementation in Swift class that derives from Objective-C one
Code: IndexingBugOC-15534IDE re-indexes (entire?) project on restart despite no file changes
Code: RefactoringsBugOC-15748Extract method: preview signature when parameters are reordered
BugOC-15747Swift extract method: code block isn't considered valid for extraction if there is a comment in the beginning or in the end of block
Code: ResolvingPerformanceOC-15714AppCode freezes on right mouse click
Editor. Editing TextPerformanceIDEA-175031Can't Change Editor Font
User InterfaceCosmeticsIDEA-165301Darker maven icon on IntelliJ theme
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