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CocoaPodsBugOC-14782CocoaPods (v1.2.0.rc.1) integration is broken
Code: EditingBugOC-14214Tabbing from beginning of placeholder doesn't work as expected
BugOC-14551'alloc' template broken in 2016.3 RC
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsBugOC-12602Incorrect inspection and error while using Objective-C and Swift mixed code: "Incompatible pointer types ..."
BugOC-13014Wrong fix when assign NSinteger to Int (Swift)
BugOC-13226Swift/ObjC Inspection False Positive: Returning 'Bool*' from a method returning 'BOOL'
BugOC-14073Passing an Obj-C UInt8 into a Swift UInt8 parameter results in a 'Parameter type mismatch' error
Code: IndexingUsabilityOC-14540Notify user if some targets do not have base SDK configured properly
Code: ResolvingBugOC-14594Ambiguous resolve of operator reference with Swift 3
RunningPerformanceOC-14636AppCode freezes when starting to run minimal Vapor sample
UsabilityCPP-8339Automatically detect invalid file path in fields like 'Working directory' etc
Editor. Editing TextCosmeticsIDEA-164888Please keep up with FiraCode updates
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