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The goal of this phase is to build a structured text recognition framework, a little bit like ANTLR, but with extensible grammars.

Core parsing technology (milestone 1)

  • Grammar syntax - done
  • Extensible parser - done
  • Error messages - done
  • Error recovering - done
  • Automatic Parse Tree (detailed AST) generation - done
  • Quasiquotation (constructing and matching a code by patterns) - done
  • Serializing AST back to document - done
    • PrettyPrint based on marker tegs in grammar - done
    • HTML PrettyPrint - done
    • ToString based on PrettyPrint - done
  • Testing framework - done
  • Documentation, samples, SDK - done

IDE support

  • Syntax highlighting (coloring) - done
  • Outlining (aka folding) - done
  • Parse errors highlighting and error list - done
  • Matching constructs (braces, etc) - done

Grammar verification

Completing this phase means we can do the following:

  • Express language grammar in a concise form, without heavy-lifting on complexities of EBNF and such.
    • (warning)   If we fail to make grammar design clear and simple, all the rest will fail miserably.
  • Generate fast parser and AST builder
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