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New view: show all public methods of a class on one page
Plain view: show namespace tree
Plain view: Show average column
Plain view: remove rec.count column

Call tree

structure elements are now with highlightings
reformatting of structure elements: system folding (state:folded) is in the place of structure element
parent/child ratio bar is drawn on the left side and dynamically
Indent lines
zero folding: button on the toolbar of fast switching
zero folding: special renderer for groupping and collapsing zero-foldable nodes


system folding
real estate optimization - do not show repeatable strings with calls and time for chaining calls

Optimization of hotspots construction
Optimization of plain view construction
Optimization of function search
User-oriented warning on visualizing of huge # of search results
Optimization of children expansion (4 different)
Optimization of background signature tree construction

Gain from specific parent
Compare snapshots with # of calls normalization
New navigation shortcuts which allow to navigate by keyboard to node's sibling and tree root
New keyboard shortcuts: Del. Ctrl-Del and Ctrl-Shift-Alt Del for most common scenarios for "Adjust Time"
Diff can now smartly tune time for roots with different # of calls
Complete save/restore of the viewer state
Support for downloadable sources from source server
Show/Hide IL code for sources
Improved navigation to methods, getters and setters
Support for C++/CLI class and method naming
All .Trace exe files now have proper description for system and tool browsing
.Trace does not launches snapshot configurations which are not repeatable (e.g. from unit tests)

Welcome Screen

Show in grey snapshot which are now not accessible (moved or deleted)
Show along the snapshots their paths
Remove from configuration block Path and Working Path attributes, thus significantly reduce a space for a configuration
Compact application path in the configuration title

Minor changes

Window clears its title when the snapshot is closed
Special notation for empty modules and namespaces in call tree and plain view
Improved serialization of user settings
Plain view: sort numeric columns descendingly, textual - ascendingly
Make "Properties" dialog with Ctrl-Q work in callees subpane
Complete system modules list
Uniform styles for different buttons
Fixed formatting for call tree line delimiters
"Save Copy" command also correctly saves the current visual state of views (.settings file)

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