Quickly introduce using statements and try-catch blocks

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Apart from being able to generate blocks of code with live templates, ReSharper also lets you surround existing code with additional statements, such as try-catch or using statements.

To show the surround menu, simply select the block of code and press Ctrl+E, Ctrl+U (if using VS layout). This will pop up a menu of available surround statements:

Now, you can simply press one of the shortcut keys on the right to surround the code. For example, to surround the code with a try-catch, you can press 8 on your keyboard. ReSharper will generate the default code stub and allow you to configure any optional values:

In this menu, you can also press More… in order to see a total list of available surround templates and pick which ones are added to the quicklist (the list you get when you fire up the command):

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