Adding an Existing Subsystem

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As our app is based on Windows.Forms, it would be right to create a subsystem that shows how much time is consumed by System.Windows.Forms calls. Fortunately, such a subsystem is already created – we saw it in the Default profile. So, we only need to add it to our MyProfile:

  1. In the Options window, open the MyProfile profile and check WinForms in the list of subsystems. This will add the subsystem to our profile.
  2. If now we look at the profiling results, we will see that the time formerly included into System code and User code was redistributed in favor of the WinForms subsystem.

That’s it! A closer look at smart subsystems gives us an answer on how much time is required for handling the chart component. System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting subsystems take the majority of time in System.Windows.Forms. Let’s move ...Charting to a separate subsystem for a more thorough analysis.

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