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  • What's new in MPS 2017.2 EAP2
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Cross-model generation story

In EAP 2, we enabled generation plans to generate descriptor models for languages (known as <>@descriptor). If you got a custom aspect, you may need to make sure its generator extends generator of jetbrains.mps.lang.descriptor language, as it's the way to get custom extensions activated for the plan.

Public API for Intentions aspect

New set of public API interfaces was extracted from the existing (closed) interfaces used for Intentions language aspect. New interfaces are located in jetbrains.mps.openapi.intentions.* package. All previously existing interfaces (jetbrains.mps.intentions.*) were deprecated and will be removed in the next MPS release. As a side-effect, the type of "intentionExecutable" parameter, available inside transformation menu parts for intentions was changed to return open API interface. Most probably this change will not affect any user code. In case the code was affected by this change, it should be revisited and rewritten in order to use API interface. 

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