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  • What's new in MPS 2017.2 EAP1
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Generator: pointer to a node from reference macro 

Reference macro in templates (->$) now supports SNodeReference as specification of a new target. With that, templates don't need access to a target's node model the moment they are applied. 

Editor: Default changed - R/O model access cell not editable

Read-Only model access cells are generated as with editable == false by-default. In most of known cases instances of this cell should not be editable, so we changed default behaviour of MPS editor generator in order to reflect it. If user would like to make this cell editable, it's still possible by overriding default value with editor cell style: "editable == true".

Migration assistant redesigned

The migration assistant has been rewritten from scratch. It now offers a better view of which migrations should be applied and has an ability to ignore and skip non-critical errors in the project. We will continue to evolve it.

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