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Support of the substitute and side transform actions in the aspect actions is dropped.

Substitute and side transform actions from the actions aspect are no longer supported. Transformation and substitute menus should be used instead.

All commented out side transform and substitute actions will be removed by migration.

Corresponding commented out editor style SideTransformAnchorTagStyleClassItem will also be removed.

Instead of using SideTransformAnchorTagStyleClassItem in the specific cell one can attach the transformation menu with side transform section to that cell.

The instances of CellMenuPart_ApplySideTransforms will be removed as well.

CellMenuPart_ApplySideTransforms was designed to include items of the side-transform menu to the completion menu of the specific cell. 

With the transformation menu language one can describe the same behaviour. She can attach the transformation menu with completion section to the cell. That section will contain the with include menu part with the specified location of side transform. So the items of side-transform menu will be included to the completion.

You can find the example at the FieldDeclaration_ApplySideTransforms menu:

Location of the included menu can be specified with the intention "Specify Location".

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