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2.0 M6

New Documentation page

Separate confluence space was created for MPS 2.0 Documentation

Migration script

Now you don't need to spend much time migrating your code to MPS 2.0. Just execute "Main Menu -> Tools -> Start Migration to MPS 2.0", and it will execute all activities needed to migrate the code to 2.0 for you.
Read more about migration to 2.0

Ctrl-N and project scope

When you tried to use ctrl-n to lookup a node in your project, you always got some nodes not from project models. Now it's fixed.

Editor tabs

Editor tabs (it's what can be seen on the bottom of concept's editor, for example) were slightly extended.
Now you can choose between 3 modes:

  1. No tabs at all, ctrl-alt-insert and ctrl-F10 are used for aspects navigation/creation (see below)
  2. One tab per aspect
  3. Each aspect node in its own tab

See Main Menu -> File ->Settings -> MPS Editor for available options

Structure tool

Structure tool is now available in MPS. Moreover, if you wrote a TabbedEditor for some concept before, the structure tool will work with that concept, because it's based on the same relations.

Aspect navigation and lookup

Along with the structure tool, a structure navigation became available:

Just press ctrl-F10 (cmd-F10 for Mac users). Context search on typing is also available.

Aspect creation from editor

Press ctrl-alt-insert (ctrl-alt-n for Macs) and create a node aspect right from the editor:

This is also brought by TabbedEditors, so you can add your own aspects there.

QuickFix nor new default editor creation

By default MPS displays an error highlighting the fact that newly created non-abstract concept has no editor definition associated with it:

"Generate Default Editor" quick-fix is available from intentions menu (Alt+Enter) to create new default editor definition for it now:

Column & Row selection in tables

Whole table Row/Column can be selected by placing a cursor inside particular editor cell and pressing Shift+Left/Right/Up/Down keys:

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