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JetBrains MPS is a language development environment. Here are some useful links.

Download MPS

Migration guides


Discussing and solving problems


Articles and Presentations

Projects Which Use JetBrains MPS


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  1. You should add this project link:

    and better remove the CSharp page, it seems nobody is working on it anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    And this link is mentioned somewhere in the forum:

  3. I've since retaken ownership of the C# language implementation in MPS, see

  4. Thanks, Dmitri and Stephan.
    I've added the projects you mentioned.
    Sorry for the delay.

  5. I was wondering if the 2004/2005 version of MPS is still available?

    I am asking because I am interested in checking out MPgram, which is an old project which can be found on, but which I am unable to load/migrate using any of the “Previous MPS releases” mention above.


    1. I doubt it, since the project was highly experimental at that time. No artifacts were being built or shared at those times. Maybe on someones machine in some dark corner...

      Or you might try building it yourself from the repo (

      1. Ye, I had a dark suspicion it would be. Thanks for the tip though. I will see if I am able to find something in the dark corners of the MPS repo.