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Diagram Editor Overview

Diagrams and text

The MPS diagrams can be nested into textual editors. Also, individual graphical shapes may hold additional textual information on them.

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Multiple projections

With the ability of MPS to support multiple switchable editors, diagrams may offer one of several visualizations for your code, together with textual or other notations.

Diagram manipulation

New blocks can be added either by clicking in the diagram or using a keyboard shortcut. Similarly, elements can get deleted by hitting Delete and they may also react to any other keyboard events.

Visual properties persistence

The visual characteristics of the diagrams, such as the layout, size and position of individual components is persisted into the model.

Code completion

When adding a new element, a code-completion dialog with all applicable types is shown to ease selection.

Connecting blocks

Dragging the mouse from an output port of a block to an input port of another block will create a new connector between the blocks.


An experimental palette feature allows an easy way to pick the type of element that should be added into the diagram.

Error highlighting

Like in textual code, errors in the model get highlighted directly in the diagrams.

Customizable shapes

The graphical representation of individual elements in the diagram can be customized. A library of pre-defined shapes is available for immediate use.

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