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  • Creating a branded IDE
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  1. Create your language(s)
  2. Create a build script - refer to the language location through an environment variable
  3. Add the branding jar information to your build script
  4. Generate build scripts
  5. Run ant to build the zip file
  6. Replace the branding.jar in the MPS distribution file with the one generated
  7. Remove unneeded plugins and languages from the MPS distibution
  8. If you delete the MPS DevKit plugin, the branded IDE will not contain any of the language-design tools and facilities
  9. Unzip the zip file into the MPS plugin folder to enable your language(s) in the standalone IDE
  10. Add the IntelliJ plugin descriptor into the META-INF folder of your plugin
  11. Zip the MPS distribution and share with your happy users
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