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How can I contribute to the MPS code base?

There are different ways to contribute to the project, such as submitting a bug, helping us to reproduce bugs, or push a change into our code base. The following document describes all these ways: Contributing to JetBrains MPS Project.

Can users contribute in other ways than code, such as documentation or tutorials?

There is never enough educational content. Feel free to contact us and we can review and promote your content.

What are MPS Extensions?

Extensions aim to improve the experience of language development with MPS. They are maintained by itemis, JetBrains, and the open source community. Their development is closely aligned with the development of MPS. Use them: MPS Extensions

Describe the release process.

We have 3 major releases per year. The process of the major release is the following:

  • 7 to 10 Early Access program (EAP) releases where we develop new features for the new version

  • 2 to 4 Release Candidate (RC) versions where we stop developing features and focus on stabilization, usability, and bugfixes

  • Major release

  • Bugfix updates are released when a critical issue is found or when paying users request a specific fix.

How do you decide which features to implement?

The decision is based on requests of paying users and the public demand based on the votes in our issue tracker. Paying users are clients that acquire a support contract which includes fixing particular bugs, custom development of new features, and accelerated development of planned features.

What are the means of communication within the community?

We suggest subscribing to all our channels, but you are free to choose whichever works best for you:

  • Slack: Our Slack community is the perfect place to interact and ask questions to the community.

  • Newsletter: We send out a newsletter every couple of months (we don’t like to spam) with the major news from the MPS world.

  • Blog: Here we publish MPS related content on a weekly basis. You will also find a post of all the new features and bugfixes for every minor and major release.

  • Twitter: Twitter is our most up-to-date channel. It is where we share all the MPS related news, coming from us and the community.

What kind of community events are available?

There is an official MPS community meetup that is held once per year. (Munich 2018) Additional events organized by the community happen during the whole year. Follow us to keep track of events near you.

I am organizing an event or doing a talk around MPS, can we ask for sponsorship?

You can contact us by email and we will provide you with assistance, event sponsorship, and promotional materials.

Can I use MPS in my research project? How can you help me?

Yes, we can offer guidance through training materials, occasional consultancy about the subject of the research, and promotion via our social networks.

I want to write a paper related to MPS, can you help me promote it?

Yes, we are happy to help the community to promote work related to MPS via our communication channels.

How can I join the MPS team?

We are always looking for talented people to join the team. Send us an email with your CV.

Where can I contact the team?

Yes, you can do it here.

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