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  • Machines used in the JBR processes
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Building JBR


Agent NameHost NameVersionNotes
intellij-vs2010 Windows 7Cloud image, vSphere
intellij-ubuntu1804-jbr Ubuntu 18.04Cloud image, vSphere
intellij-windows10-jbr Windows 10Cloud image, vSphere
ubuntu1804-crosscompile-armv7 Ubuntu 18.04Cloud image, , vSphere, adjusted for ARMv7 cross-compilation
intellij-macos-1013-jbr Mac OS X, version 10.13.3vSphere
mac-esxi-38 Mac OS X, version 10.8.5vSphere

Testing JBR


Agent NameHost NameVersionNotes
intellij-macos1012-jre Mac OS X, version 10.12.6Cloud image, vSphere
intellij-macos1013-jre Mac OS X, version 10.13.3Cloud image, vSphere
intellij-macos1014-jre Mac OS X, version 10.14Cloud image, vSphere
intellij-ubuntu1804-jre Ubuntu 18.04, version 4.15.0-29-genericCloud image, vSphere
intellij-windows10-jre Windows 10, version 10.0Cloud image, vSphere
intellij-windows7-jre Windows 7, version 6.1Cloud image, vSphere
jre-ubuntu-i386 Ubuntu 18.04, version 4.4.0-116-genericCloud image, vSphere
jre-windows-i386 Windows 10, version 10.0Cloud image, vSphere
intellij-fedora25 Fedora, version 4.18.16-200.fc28.x86_64vSphere
intellij-kubuntu-amd64-1 Kubuntu, version 4.15.0-45-genericvSphere
intellij-macos-10.11 Mac OS X, version 10.11.6vSphere
mac-esxi-20 Mac OS X, version 10.13.6vSphere
mac-esxi-29 Mac OS X, version 10.9.5vSphere
ubuntu-armv7-device-86 Ubuntu 18.04, version 4.15.0-1033-raspi2device
ubuntu-armv7-device-87 Ubuntu 18.04, version 4.15.0-1033-raspi2device

Windows 10, version 10.0device

Ubuntu 18.04device, restored from unit-372
unit-482unit-482.labs.intellij.netMac OS X, version 10.13.6device
unit-828unit-828.labs.intellij.netMac OS X, version 10.14.1device
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