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Java2D rendering primitives can be logged using the following Java VM property

See oracle docs describing the particular options.
This logging has been extended in JetBrains runtime for better tracking performance problems in IDEA platform-based products.
The extended version looks like this:
    -Dsun.java2d.trace=[log[,timestamp]],[count],[ptime],[name:<substr pattern>],[out:<filename>],[td=<threshold>],[help],[verbose]
  • ptime
    enable primitive execution time measurement
  • name:
    simple substring filter to see the only primitives that match the pattern
  • verbose
    this option extended comparing with Oracle one with the printing of stack of the primitives under execution time measurement
  • td
    a threshold to hide primitives having execution time less than specified (in nanoseconds)

Also, the logging now tracks some pure native routines such as working with LCD glyph cache. Here is an example



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