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  • 1.8.0_152-release-915-b05 x86_64
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  • resolved critical issue which freezes IDE's (Intellij IDEA, WebStorm, PhpStorm) or makes them slow (see JRE-421)

Fixed issues

JRE-364BugCan't start Flex debugger on Windows
JRE-372BugIntelliJ editors silently precompose diacritics
JRE-373Bug[macos] nativeCreateNSWindow deadlocks with a11y
JRE-382BugThree AWT-tests become hanging starting since master-875
JRE-421Bugbackport: JRE-415 Mistake in "Merge with jdk8u152-b00"

Known issues


Major and critical issues:

JRE-221BugBroken pipe error when connecting to Azure Database on MacOS Sierra
JRE-292BugIJ hangs forever
JRE-98BugLCD text rendering performance 8X slower than grayscale on windows
JRE-121BugMain menu action may be executed twice, when invoked using a shortcut
JRE-186BugModal dialogs (Messages) shouldn't popup IDEA when another application is active
JRE-232Bugjava/awt/event/KeyEvent/DeadKey/ IllegalArgumentException: invalid keyChar (Wrong number of key events)
JRE-251BugSlow getLocalHostName on mac OS
JRE-252BugMac OS X: press and hold button in quick search popup blocks all keyboard events
JRE-311Bug[linux] support JRE-managed HiDPI mode
JRE-344BugCrash in makeFirstResponder on Mac
JRE-347BugIntelliJ IDEA 2016.2.3 fails to start on Windows XP SP3 after update
JRE-394Bugbackport: JDK-8173654: Regression since 8u60: System.getenv doesn't return env var set in JNI code
JRE-398BugPHPStorm crashes on opening directory containing pdf-files in Project or Project Files
The list of all known issues can be found here.


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