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  • 1.8.0_152-release-1248-b8 x86_64
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  • A serious of major issues related to performance on 4K monitors was resolved
  • Marlin renderer was upgraded to 0.9.1
  • A lot of bugs were fixed (see release notes)


Fixed issues

JRE-526BugIDE is unusably slow when using a 4K display on OS X
JRE-657BugUpgrade to recent Marlin renderer
JRE-690BugRecent bundled JDK VCS Log UI slowdowns
JRE-691BugHuge tooltip (~1K) kills window server on macOS
JRE-365Bug[Windows] When I enter Chinese character, the candidate box appears in the lower right corner
JRE-679BugImprove graphics primitive rendering logging to filter them by name and detect LCD/Grayscale text rendering
JRE-686BugOGL Glyph cache is too small for IDEA editor
JRE-688BugIntelliJ IDEA intereferes with switching between different keyboard layouts in Windows
JRE-703Bug[macos] java/awt/Frame/MaximizedByPlatform/ Maximized state was not set for frame in setBounds
JRE-711BugHorizontal grey lines appear in every window in IntelliJ Idea
JRE-718BugSupport VS2013 in JBRE build
JRE-722BugLCD text rendering performance on OSX 25X slower than grayscale
JRE-724BugAttach to local process throws exception on linux
JRE-772Bugswing returns incorrect FRC when AA is off
JRE-774BugDon't paste BOM from clipboard on Mac

Known major and critical issues:


JRE-861BugProject Libs and Global Libs cannot be created from the UI 
JRE-98BugLCD text rendering performance 8X slower than grayscale on windows 
JRE-121BugMain menu action may be executed twice, when invoked using a shortcut 
JRE-186BugModal dialogs (Messages) shouldn't popup IDEA when another application is active 
JRE-232Bugjava/awt/event/KeyEvent/DeadKey/ IllegalArgumentException: invalid keyChar (Wrong number of key events) 
JRE-241BugIDE hangs on Mac OS X (in OGLRenderQueue$ 
JRE-252BugMac OS X: press and hold button in quick search popup blocks all keyboard events 
JRE-311Bug[linux] support JRE-managed HiDPI mode 
JRE-347BugIntelliJ IDEA 2016.2.3 fails to start on Windows XP SP3 after update 
JRE-498BugTwo tests against JInternalFrame fail on Windows & OSX due to unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fc4fb874310 
JRE-505Bug [HY ClassLib] testNextVisualPositionActionPerformedCaretDown - incorrect magic caret pos 
JRE-574BugCrash when close the window. Mac High Sierra Java8 
JRE-587BugIt is not possible to select java script language version for subfolder 
JRE-610BugVisual glitches on macOS in popup dialogs 
JRE-615BugIDEA from master crashed on Mac 
JRE-623BugCrash (macos), uptime was several days 
JRE-655Bugjava/awt/Toolkit/SunDisplayChangerLeakTest/ intermittently fails due to weakSize < strongSize 
JRE-659Bug[HY_Functional] DefaultKeyboardFocusManagerTest: testDefaultKeyboardFocusManager_processKeyEvent failed to move focus to the next component 
JRE-661Bugjava/awt/Dialog/NonResizableDialogSysMenuResize/ intermittently throws NullPointerException 
JRE-670BugNative crash on system notification 
JRE-704Bug[macos][scale2] javax/swing/text/html/HTMLEditorKit/4242228/ intermittently fails by timeout 
JRE-745BugImprove java2d rendering performance on macOS by using Metal framework 
JRE-746BugIntelliJ Idea Ultimate 2018.1 Crashed on Linux x64 
JRE-747BugLightBeam some Table operations dropped on ~20% and more 
JRE-763Bugaccess denied: java.util.PropertyPermission com.jetbrains.suppressWindowRaise read 
JRE-767BugIDE Crashing on Indexing 2018.1 
JRE-864BugMultiple child windows opened and closed in sequence result in a focus loss 
The list of all known issues can be found here.


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