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How do I define Shared Project Settings?

In IntelliJ IDEA a number of customizable options can be set at the project level. The list includes Code Style Settings, Run Configurations and Inspection Profiles. By defining these settings at the project level, you instruct IntelliJ IDEA to store them in the project description file and keep them global and then available to all team members.

How do I export my Settings?

From File →  Export Settingsyou can pick up a number of settings including code style scheme, key maps and inspection profiles. By using File →  Import Settings you can import the previously exported settings into another instance of IntelliJ IDEA.

Can I roam my settings?

Yes. By installing a special plug-in, you can also roam your project settings across a variety of development machines. For this to happen, you need to use a special plug-in from the Plugins Repository or via the IntelliJ IDEA Plug-in Manager.

The plug-in is IntelliJ Configuration Server Plugin and it is available at To use the plug-in you first need to create an account at Next, you log on to a dedicated JetBrains server at IntelliJ IDEA startup and the settings will be synched with the server and applied automatically.

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