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Please report errors and feature requests to our issue tracker. In case of a problem, contact our support directly.

Version 2016.2.5

Version 2016.1.4

Version 15.0.6

Version 14.1.7

Version 14.0.5

Version 13.1.7

Version 13.0.5

Version 12.1.8

Version 12.0.4

Version 11.1.5

Version 11.0.2

Version 10.5.4

Version 10.0.3

Version 9.0.4

Version 8.1.4


File URL





Mac OS X



Plug-ins SDK:

Version 7.0.5


File URL





Mac OS X



Plug-ins SDK:

Version 6.0.6


File URL





Mac OS X



Plug-ins SDK:

Version 5.1.2

Version 4.5.4


File URL





Linux Installer


Mac OS X



Version 4.0.3


File URL





Linux installer


Mac OS X


ZIP (no JRE)

ZIP (with JRE)

Version 3.0.5


File URL





Linux Installer


Mac OS X


ZIP (no JRE)

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  1. Anonymous

    Apparently it is a known issue that Ultimate V 13.1.14 does not create scaffolding for Grails projects property.  The notes suggest installing 13.1.13 instead, but you don't appear to offer that version on the download page so I have to go back to V13.0.4 instead, which seems like I'm going pretty far back.. You should address this quickly. Either release 13.1.15 witha fix for this problem or put up 1.13 instead.  Or osmehting.

  2. Anonymous

    Is there any reason why the installer for version 12.1.7 on Windows is not signed? Previous versions were signed, giving a level of confidence in the security of the download. As far as I can see, there is no other way of verifying the downloaded file.

    1. Our certificate used for signing releases was expired, we will reupload the build signed with new certificate

  3. Anonymous

    any plans for ?

  4. Anonymous

    can you add links to 13.1.4 for goodness sake?!?

  5. Anonymous

    Just copy the links from older version and change the numbers ;)

    1. Anonymous

      Got it! Thanks a lot again for helnipg me out!
  6. Anonymous


    I can't download ""...

    Is there a problem ?

    The download is "paused" at 105 Mo with a 0o/sec speed...

    If I want to take version ideaIU-12.1.7.exe, is it ok ?

    Thanks by advance.

  7. Anonymous

    Hi , 

    I think that this page should contain all the available versions. Otherwise it doesn't make sense this page to exist. 
    I wanted to download InteliJ IDEA 13 (because i don't have valid license for 14), so i navigated to this page and download latest 13.x version from this page(which is not latest 13.1.x at the moment). After installing i noticed that i didn't get latest version from 13(13.1) but i got 13.0.4.
    So i think that it would be nice to have all the versions listed here (maybe not minor versions, but major like 13.0 and 13.1 should be both here on this page).

    Best regards.

  8. Anonymous

    It was a bit hard to find the checksum for the ideaIU-13.1.6.exe file, because there is no information about the location of the checksums at this page. Please add it to this download page. For all other people, who didn't find the checksum yet, you can use the following URL pattern in order to check the ckecksum of the downloaded file:*<NAME-OF-DOWNLOADED-FILE>*.sha256, e.g.:

  9. Anonymous

    Where can I get 14.0.2?  14.0.3 is BADLY broken for scala development.

    1. All releases of IntelliJ IDEA have the same URL structure. Take the URL for the version that you need and replace the version number with 14.0.2.

      1. Anonymous

        I could not download 14.0.1, though:

        HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden
        2015-07-16 15:49:03 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

        1. We removed old releases of IntelliJ IDEA 14, please use IntelliJ IDEA 14.0.4

          1. Anonymous

            My personal license entitled me to download 14.0.2 only. Can I download any 14 release?

  10. Anonymous

    Can you add a link do the download page with all available versions. I want to download a latest one but packaged as a zip file instead of EXE. Thanks a lot

  11. Anonymous

    14.0.3 is BADLY broken for android. When add a new string or laypout commpenent , intellij cannaot find this. I have to rebuil and compile again and again. After afew times it work correctly. 

    I had to install again 14.0.2.  I disappointed . I used all jetbarains production. 

    1. Please check .

      Use 14.0.2 until 14.0.4 with a fix is released.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  12. Anonymous

    Current release (14.1.1) has annoying compilation bugs in a maven based project. Two common issues:

    • resources to be deployed with artifacts "disappear"
    • compilation appears to be broken, for no good reason. (editor does not display any errors, however the Messages tool window display errors).

    Both of these issues are fixable with a rebuild. They are intermittent.

    Another annoying issue is that idea gets confused sometimes with the dependencies of a maven project: it does not always find the dependencies in an multi-module project. This issue happens less often than the compilation issue.

    The 14.0 release was much more stable.

    1. Anonymous

      Oh, also a huge performance issue on "Find Usages". UI locks up for about 10 seconds before Find Usages displays the results.

  13. Anonymous

    You've broken Version Control -> Resolve Conflicts... Option on 14.1.3 on windows 8.1!

  14. Anonymous

    idea 14.1.4 is not working well with mac 10.8.   it causes Blurred screen  . 

    my 15-inch-mac-pro was bought in the end of 2011.

     my email-address is

    1. Anonymous

      via test, I found that the idea ide which below version 14 is ok for my mac . now I am using 13.1.6.

  15. Anonymous

    It would be helpful if there were release dates next to each version...

    1. Anonymous

      Especially given the perpetupal fallback licensing model!

  16. Anonymous

    is there a ZIP Community copy out there for version 14.1.4???

    I can't use the .exe file on my windows machine because it requires admin privileges to install the software. However, if a zip file exists, i can just extract & move it to my Drive (i.e. H drive, which I own) on my machine and launch the software from there. I did that for the Ultimate version, but its requiring me to enter a license key. I just want the Community version as a ZIP so I can start programming in Groovy.

    Please help.


    1. There is no ZIP version of the Community Edition.

  17. Anonymous

    I have a IntelliJ 14 license but need to reinstall my machine. I downloaded the tar.gz for linux but it will not start. I get this error message:

    "This build of IntelliJ IDEA has expired. Please download a new build from http://..../idea15


  18. Anonymous

    14.1.5 Is not here

    1. Anonymous

      Superior thinking deentstraomd above. Thanks!
  19. Anonymous

    I'm perpetual license holder who hasn't been using IDEA much lately, and wanted to try out to the last (stable) version for which my license is valid. That would appear to be 14.0.2 or maybe 14.0.3. But you removed those from the server, and 14.0.4 is too new for me. (My license is good for products released up to Jan 31 of this year.) Why can't I access 14.0.2/3 any more?

    1. Bugfix updates like 14.0.4 have same release date as IDEA 14 and free for those having license for IDEA 14

    2. Anonymous

      Never mind – I tried 14.0.4 and it works with my license. Very nice.

  20. Anonymous

    The release notes button in the update dialog to this page but there are no release notes on this page. (Mac OSX 14.1.5) Don't know if it's the app or this page that's wrong but it's a bug somewhere.

    1. Thanks for noting, the issue was fixed. For convenience here is reference for the document you are looking for:

      IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.6 Release Notes

  21. Anonymous

    Intellij 9.0.4 community edition link says application is damaged 

  22. Anonymous

    Community 14.0.4 doesn't unpacks, says "not in gzip format"

    1. It could be unpacked automatically by your browser, so you get .tar file instead of tar.gz. Try to just untar it or download using wget to prevent on-the-fly unpacking.

      1. wget helped, thanks!

  23. I find the way the EAP version is being marketed very strange.

    It's shown as the latest version.  And when checking for updates, that's the only version shown (even thought here were later versions of 15 available for me).

    But when navigating to the page for 16, it gives a big warning saying it's EAP.

    Feels like I'm getting mixed signals on which is the current, stable version.

    1. Michael, could you please elaborate a little bit more on the issue?

      And when checking for updates, that's the only version shown (even thought here were later versions of 15 available for me).

      Are you sure you have a correct Update channel set in Settings | Appearance & Behaviour | System Settings | Updates?

      But when navigating to the page for 16, it gives a big warning saying it's EAP.

      Can you give a link of this page?

      1. I don't have the page handy anymore.

        I had navigated to it the day I posted here, but haven't seen it since.  I guess it could have been using an older cached version with the EAP warning.

        My Update settings are to Automatically check updates for "New Major Version Releases".

        My off-hand experience was that I kept seeing the updates showing as available but for the EAP version to the point that I just ignored the message and wasn't aware when the stable version of 16 came out.

        It would be nice if the updates available message would show all the releases available (ie "there are no stable releases available to upgrade to and 1 EAP release" or something).  I think i missed a couple 15 updates because it was only showing the 16 one.

  24. Anonymous

    Where is 2016.1.0 ? manually fixing url doesn't work either