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  1. Anonymous

    > After that the IDE will generates two classes: com.simpleplugin.SimpleLexer and com.simpleplugin.SimpleLexerAdapter.

    If these two classes are not being generated, what could be the problem?

  2. Anonymous

    After following the steps in this section I noticed two points which I think should be corrected.

    1. Only the SimpleLexer class is generated (at least that was the case for me). The SimpleLexerAdapter class must be created manually with the code that is listed at step 2.

    2. When running the plugin a new instance of IntelliJ is opened that has no plugins installed, so in order to use the PsiViewer plugin, it must first be installed in the instance of IntelliJ in which the plugin is running, even if it was already installed in the main installation where the plugin is being developed.

  3. Anonymous

    It says that the Lexer cannot match the input (the text here), it throws this exception:

    Error: could not match input

    java.lang.Error: com.besaba.revonline.pawnsupport.SimpleLexer: Error: could not match input at com.besaba.revonline.pawnsupport.SimpleLexer.zzScanError( at com.besaba.revonline.pawnsupport.SimpleLexer.advance(
    java.lang.Error: com.test.plugins.SimpleLexer: Error: could not match input

    at com.test.plugins.SimpleLexer.zzScanError(

    at com.test.plugins.SimpleLexer.advance(

    1. Anonymous

      com.test.plugins. and com.besaba.revonline are the same packages. I tried to change them everywhere to make it easier to read

  4. Anonymous

    I noticed that my gen folder wasn't blue as in the examples. Just right click, Mark Directory As, Sources Root.