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This tutorial describes how to deploy a simple web application into Jelastic cloud platform with IntelliJ IDEA 12.

Redirection Notice


1. Enable the plugin

Before starting this tutorial please make sure that Jelastic Cloud Platform Integration is downloaded and enabled in SettingsPlugins.

2. Enter credentials

To be able to deploy applications into the cloud, go to SettingsJelastic and enter your credentials. If you don't have a Jelastic account yet, you can create one on Jelastic's website.

3. Create a web application

Create a web application via New Project Wizard or just open your existing application.

When the project is opened, you will notice the Jelastic tool window and the Jelastic Deploy button on the toolbar.

4. Check the project artifacts

Make sure the artifacts are configured correctly (via Project StructureArtifacts). It's configured automatically when you use New Project Wizard though.

5. Deploy the application

Now you can deploy the artifact to the cloud by clicking the Jelastic button on the toolbar. Select an artifact and the application context name.

6. Manage environments and view the logs

After your application is deployed, you can manage the environment and view logs via the Jelastic tool window.

7. Open the application

Open the application in the browser to see how it works.

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