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This tutorial describes how to get started with Google App Engine in IntelliJ IDEA 12.

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1. Enable Google App Engine Integration

Before you proceed with this tutorial, make sure that Google App Engine Integration plugin is enabled in theSettingsPlugins. The quickest way to get there is to press Ctrl+Alt+S and start typing Plugins.

2. Create a new project

Begin with starting the New Project wizard: FileNew Project. To create a Google App Engine project, first select Java Module and clickNext.

Now choose Google App Engine facet and specify path to the Google App Engine Java SDK folder.

After you complete the wizard, IntelliJ IDEA will create an empty Google App Engine project.

3. Check the project structure

To make sure that the project is configured properly, go to Project StructureModules, and check settings of the Google App Engine facet.

4. Run the application

Let's modify the index.jsp page so that it would display the good old "Hello, world!" message.

To run our application we can either click AppEngine Dev run configuration icon on toolbar, or use the RunRun 'AppEngine Dev' menu command.

IntelliJ IDEA starts the application and opens it in the default Web browser.

5. Debug the application

Google App Engine applications can be debugged just in the same way as any Web application: via RunDebug 'AppEngine Dev' menu command, or by clicking the corresponding toolbar button.

6. Configure an account

If we're going to upload this application to the Cloud, we need to create account at Google App Engine.

When the account has been created, its name should be put on appengine-web.xml configuration file.

7. Upload the application

Now the application is ready for Cloud deployment via ToolsUpload App Engine Application. During deployment IntelliJ IDEA may prompt you for credentials and will display progress in the Run tool window.

After the upload is completed, application is open in default Web browser.

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  1. Anonymous

    There should be one of these articles for each of the Google App Engine supported languages.

  2. Anonymous

    With the current version of the AppEngine SDK one gets "google-cloud-sdk" (I have 0.9.30); it should maybe be noted that the plugin needs to be configured specifically with the AppEngine JAVA SDK. If you get this error:

    Error running AppEngine Dev: '<...>/google-cloud-sdk' isn't valid App Engine SDK installation: '<...>/google-cloud-sdk/lib/appengine-tools-api.jar' not found

    ... you made the same mistake I did. Select <...>/google-cloud-sdk/platform/appengine-java-sdk/ instead.