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This tutorial describes how to deploy a simple web application to CloudBees from IntelliJ IDEA 12.

1. Enable the plugin

Before you perform this tutorial please make sure CloudBees integration plugin is enabled in the settings.

2. Create a web application

Now let’s create a simple web application via New Project wizard.

3. Add application server

Go to Settings → Application Servers and add CloudBees server. You should specify domain, your username and password.

Before you are able to test connection, click to download the libraries.

4. Modify artifact settings

By default IntelliJ IDEA sets Exploded type for new artifacts. Since CloudBees requires a WAR archive, go to in Project Structure → Artifacts and modify the type of artifact to Archive.

Keep also in mind, that artifact name is used as a context name for application, so it should be unique.

5. Create a run configuration

Now we open to Run → Edit Configurations and add CloudBees configuration. On Deployment tab you should select your artifact. The IDE will automatically set Startup page.

6. Open application servers tool window

After we added a run configuration, CloudBees application server must appear in Application Servers tool window. You can view the list of configured servers and deployed applications, and deploy and undeploy artifacts.

7. Deploy the application

Click Run/Connect button to connect to the server and deploy the application.

After the connection set up you will be able to see the logs of your application in Run tool window.

Check the status of your application in Application Servers tool window.

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