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Core Features

  • Custom inspections based on structural search and replace templates, with quickfix support.
  • Extract Method: Better handling of multiple exit points.
  • Extract Method: possibility to extract guard blocks.
  • @NotNull annotation runtime assertions
  • Inplace rename refactoring for local variables
  • Safe Delete refactoring for parameters.
  • Global inspection API.
  • Per-project and per-scope inspection profiles.
  • Scope View
  • Navigation Bar
  • Possibility to configure color of generic type parameters in color scheme.
  • Support for the Eclipse Java compiler.
  • Auto-insert of paired angle braces.
  • VCS: Integrate Project action.
  • Invert Boolean Method Sense refactoring.
  • Searchable option dialogs (MacOS X Tiger like)
  • New inspections:
    • Boolean method is always inverted
    • Unnecessary module dependency
    • Default file template usage
    • Unnecessary exception suppression
    • All JavaDoc checks work with editor highlighting.
  • New intention actions:
    • Move field initializer to constructor
    • Move field initialization to initializer
    • Create Constructor from Usage
    • Add constructor parameter

Web Development

  • JavaScript. Parameter Info support.
  • JavaScript. Introduce Variable refactoring.
  • JavaScript. Intention to create non-existing methods.
  • HTML. Delete Tag Pair action.

See JIRA for more details.

What's New For Enterprise Developer In Demetra

What's New in UI Designer in Demetra


  1. Anonymous

    Great list!
    While you're at it, there is another easy to implement intention (I guess it should be easy) that would make developing a pleasure:
    Create an *inner* class from Usage:

  2. Anonymous

    Are there any plans to add AOP support via annotations/AspectJ? That would make a great IDE even better (big grin)



    1. No, there is no plan to add aspects support in Demetra.

      1. Anonymous

        I'm not sure if this has been answered before, but what is the reasoning for the lack of interest in support aop programming?  I've seen some posts since 4.x asking for it with a simple "no" response.  Is it a difficulty thing?  Is it a too many different aop implementations to choose from (aspectj, jboss aop, etc.)?  Is there not enough demand?

        If you could respond with Jetbrain's thought process on this issue, it would shed some light and people would stop asking for it knowing what the issues are behind it.


        1. Anonymous

          May be when people will STOP using Idea because of aspects issues, they will understand ...

  3. I like the new site.  Any chance you could make the link on this page clicky?

    Had to copy and paste the link in the browser.

  4. Anonymous

    There is any chance for adding an UML tool for this new version, or simply improve the simple uml. It will be very nice to have some tool like this that allows you both sides sync code to model and model to code
    Mariano A.

    1. Anonymous

      You can find SimpleUML sourcecode here:

      AFAIK it's not a Jetbrains project, but a community one. So if you want to have a better SimpleUML plug-in, you can contribute (smile). The original authors however don't seem to be around so there's only the code.


    2. There are a number of companies which offer UML plugins for IDEA, and some free plugins as well. Currently we have no plans to develop our own UML support.

  5. When will we see support for EJB3?

  6. Are there any plans to provide support for hosting annotation processors defined with the Sun Mirror APIs and eventually with the JSR-269 APIs?


    1. We are considering adding this feature, but we haven't made any decision yet.

  7. Rob

    Are there any plans for visual editing of JSP pages ?

  8. Anonymous

    Hmm where are the Favorites?

    1. Anonymous

      NVM... (big grin) It was moved into the Project view.  BTW Favorites is spelled wrong in the Help.  Use find 'favorites', first result, under General Information... 'Favories is another navigation....'

  9. Anonymous

    Any chances the Subversion support will be tweaked to be as good as the CVS support?