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Update - February 8, 2012

The latest version of this plugin is now included in IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 EAP builds. You no more need to patch your 11.0 installation, just download the latest EAP build.

As you may know, since version 10 IntelliJ IDEA has ColdFusion plugin bundled. In the same time, for the overall product stability recently released IntelliJ IDEA 11 does not contain the latest fixes and improvements to ColdFusion support. To alleviate this and provide the latest (and some experimental) changes we'd like to publish the 'nightly' build of the plugin before they become available as part of the next IntelliJ IDEA releases. In particular, installing this version of the plugin is recommended for those who experience problems with CFML parsing and formatting (which have been reported in the bugtracker and on the mail list).

Installation steps (sorry there's no automated procedure provided, so you have to do some manual work):

  1. Shut IntelliJ IDEA down
  2. start the file manager, rename your IDEA\plugins\cfmlSupport\lib\cfmlSupport.jar (or IntelliJ IDEA on Mac OS, you may have to do 'Show package contents' for this) to e.g. cfmlSupport.jar.backup to be able to quickly revert back to the bundled version
  3. download cfmlSupport.jar
  4. put it to the respective location (see above)

Please report any questions/comments regarding plugin installation steps here. Functionality- or bugfix-related comments are welcome in the bugtracker and mail list. Plugin development highly depends on your feedback.

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