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The purpose of this page is to show current facilities of managing changes between the Gradle and IntelliJ projects. The page will be removed when that functionality is released and corresponding content is added to the web reference

Table of contents


The general idea is to map a Gradle project with the IntelliJ IDEA project, show changes in their structures and allow to manage them (import, ignore etc).

Link a Gradle project to the IntelliJ IDEA project

  1. Open 'gradle' tool window:
  2. Call 'link gradle project' action:

Navigate to the linked Gradle project

It's possible to navigate to the script of the linked Gradle project from the 'gradle' tool window:

Manage project changes

As soon as the Gradle project is linked to the IntelliJ IDEA project it's possible to see the changes at their structures and allow to manage them. The UI is a structure tree of the IntelliJ IDEA project with Gradle-local change nodes:

View configuration

It's possible to configure the representation of the structure tree:

Changes management


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