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  • Subversion 1.7 in IntelliJ IDEA 11
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Alpha-version svnkit library was used to create Subversion 1.7 support for IntelliJ IDEA.

! We didn't test it thoroughly and can not guarantee its stability and correctness.

The main purpose of adding this plugin into IntelliJ IDEA is to provide ability to use other IDE features with new Subversion, while you will be able to do all rename refactorings,

add files to VCS transparently, see correct local status, update and commit files. However, please look below for not implemented features notice.

Also, you can checkout Subversion 1.7 working copy with IntelliJ IDEA.

! Another important notice: it is Unknown whether 1.7.* svnkit works correctly for Subversion 1.6 and lower working copies.

So for Old Subversion formats, we highly recommend old plugin!

Following features are known as not yet implemented:

- Changelists support (changelists will be handled only on IDEA level, but not transferred info native SVN changelists)

- Conflicts resolve (conflict can not be marked as resolved) - not every update can be handled from IntelliJ IDEA solely

- svn blame

- Working copy cleanup

- merge operation

- new svn patch operation

- some repository operations (available in Browse Repository action) for 1.7 repositories

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