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All stuff necessary for development of S2 plugin (IDEA 12 Ultimate Edition).

Feel free to ask if you encounter any problems.

Setting up project

Creating project

  • check out sources from to CHECKOUT_FOLDER
  • create new project, "create project from scratch"
  • choose CHECKOUT_FOLDER for "Project file location"
  • adjust Module settings:
    • Type: Plugin Module
    • Name: "plugin"
    • Content root: CHECKOUT_FOLDER/plugin
    • Module file location: CHECKOUT_FOLDER/plugin
  • Java source files: uncheck all except for CHECKOUT_FOLDER/src and CHECKOUT_FOLDER/src-test
  • select current IDEA installation directory for Project JDK

Adjusting IDEA JDK

Adjust IDEA JDK by adding the following additional libraries (all paths relative to IDEA_HOME)

/*.jar = all JAR files found under corresponding /lib-folder

  • /lib/idea.jar
  • /lib/xxp3-1.1.4-min.jar
  • /plugins/aop-common/*.jar
  • /plugins/CSS/*.jar
  • /plugins/DatabaseSupport/*.jar
  • /plugins/FreeMarker/*.jar
  • /plugins/Groovy/lib/Groovy.jar|groovy-dsl.jar
  • /plugins/htmltools/htmltools.jar
  • /plugins/JavaEE/*.jar
  • /plugins/java-i18n/*.jar
  • /plugins/JavaScriptLanguage/*.jar
  • /plugins/jsp/jsp-impl.jar
  • /plugins/properties/*.jar
  • /plugins/Spring/spring.jar|spring-web.jar
  • /plugins/StrutsAssistant/*.jar
  • /plugins/Velocity/*.jar

Adjusting project

  • delete newly created plugin/META-INF folder
  • Adjust module settings for "plugin"
  • path to META-INF/plugin.xml --> /plugin/src/META-INF/plugin.xml
  • mark /src-test as Test Sources
  • Create new Java module from content root "dom-api", mark "plugin" module to depend on "dom-api"
  • Create new Java module from content root "ognl", mark "plugin" module to depend on "ognl"


Running tests

Modify com.intellij.struts2.BasicLightHighlightingTestCase#TEST_DATA_PATH to point to your local testData directory.
Adjust the path to the JDK used within your IDEA-JDK and add the following VM parameter to your test run configuration(s):


Test run configurations use

where /community/ is located in PATH_TO_IDEA_SOURCES

Weird errors starting tests

Most probably you forgot to setup IDEA JDK and/or (transitive) dependencies to other plugins have changed. Please add a comment to this page if you find a missing dependency.

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