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Struts 2 plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Provides sophisticated IDE-integration for developing Apache Struts 2 based web-applications in IntelliJ IDEA.
Getting started and Features

(lightbulb) Please see Struts 2 Plugin Features & User Guide for a detailed description and features walkthrough.

Latest and upcoming changes

Detailed change notes are available from Struts2PluginChangeNotes.

To keep up to date read my blog Struts, IDEA and such or follow me on Twitter

Supported IDEA versions

Struts 2 support is now bundled with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition starting with version 8.

There will be no further updates to the plugin version for any previous versions.

The plugin is still available for manual installation in IDEA 7 from here.

Bug reports and feedback

Please report bugs and enhancement requests in YouTrack.
Please check existing issues first.

For everything else contact me via

Interested in contributing? Visit Struts2PluginDevelopment to get started. Homepage (manual download and additional information, IDEA 7)

GoogleCode Project Site (source repository, IDEA 7)


File set editor in large parts taken from the excellent Spring plugin (JetBrains)
Error reporting provided by PluginErrorReportSubmitter (Etienne Studer) (IDEA 7 version)

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