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Planned for final release

Project Configuration

  • Smarter project setup
    • Detection of existing libraries
    • Detection of JavaEE aspects
    • Selectable default project layout (Maven etc)
  • Rework of Project Settings UI
  • Directory-based project settings storage
    • No project reload for most settings changes

Deployment configuration

  • Configurable packaging of project output (generalization of Web module deployment options)

Dependency management

  • Dependency structure matrix
  • Suggestions on what dependencies to get rid off with maximum effect

TestNG integration

  • Adaptation of existing plugin

Maven integration

  • Project structure synchronization
  • Execution

Version controls

  • Generic support for offline VCS operations
  • Incoming changes toolwindow (up-to-date list of changes recently committed by other users)
  • ClearCase UCM support
  • Directory Diff


  • Extract constructor (from another constructor)
  • Move class into other class
  • Inline (inner) class as anonymous
  • Replace method with method object (aka builder pattern)
  • Extract method to look for method call duplicates across the project
  • Extract class
    • Extract bunch of fields into separate class with bean access autogenerated
    • Extract independent part of functionality with delegation from original class
  • Change type
    • Select bunch of type occurrences and replace them all at once building transitive closure based on type flow.
    • Replace array with generic collection (list). Should be aware of toArray() pattern and avoid collection->array->collection conversion

Code Generation

  • Generate visitor support for class hierarchy

Peformance improvements

  • Faster startup and project opening
    • Local History rewrite
    • VFS rewrite

Update management

  • Enterprise plugin repository
  • IDEA Auto update
  • Silent install
  • Plugin auto update, plugin configuration export/import (for large teams)
  • Plugin enable/disable
  • "Safe startup mode"
  • Search in Plugin Manager dialog

Java EE

  • Migration of Web and Java EE modules to facets
  • Database/mapping structure diff for JPA & Hibernate
  • Spring patterns
  • Spring AOP
  • Making J2EE an optional plugin
  • Web module configuration streamlining/making it more flexible


  • Refactorings: extract/inline method
  • ECMAScript level 4 support


  • External annotations
    • Annotate library classes (e.g. JDK) with Nullable/NotNull/NonNls (for use by IDEA inspections, no code instrumentation intended).
  • Global data flow navigation
Implemented in Milestone 1

Version controls

  • ClearCase integration
  • Create/Apply Patch
  • Shelve Changes (temporarily remove from code and save as patch, then later restore)
  • Store per-project mapping of VCS roots to project directories instead of module-based VCS config
  • Autodetect VCS configuration for project


  • DnD for move/copy in Project View
  • Create inner class from usage

Find Usages

  • List of recent "Find" results
  • Background mode
  • Display of code context for selected usage

Find in Path

  • Support for scopes
  • Find in zipped sources
  • Find in library sources


  • Frame/Watches simultaneous view
  • Smart step
  • Show function return value (JDK 1.6)
  • Automatic watches view

Eclipse Integration

  • Import from Eclipse projects
  • Direct reading/writing of Eclipse project files mapped to IDEA modules.

Peformance improvements

  • JSP editing
  • More operations performed in background (Find Usages, VCS update etc.)


  • Ant script generation
  • Resource bundles?

TeamCity Integration

  • Download full inspection report for browsing in IDEA
  • Apply quickfixes from server
  • Instant highlight of duplicates in editor

Java EE

  • Spring support
  • Hibernate support
  • Facets (sub-module project structure) for Spring, JSF, Hibernate, GWT


  • JavaScript documentation support
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  1. Hbernate and Spring support are a nice plus, but Selena isn't the 6.5 version????

    Now I have to pay another License Upgrade... and I didn't  finish to pay the past Upgrade (sad)

    1. Anonymous

      I agree 100% -     So far I paid for Idea 6 version and have nothing but problems  - it is very buggy - now I either have to continue to deal with it osr fork out another chunk of cash to take chance with idea 7 - which  certainly not garanteed to be any better..

      This is a rip off

      1. Anonymous

        I have to agree 100%. Please don't ask people to pay for an upgrade until you have released at least one version of 6.x that is not riddled with bugs.

        The Ant support in particular needs addressing. It would be nice to be able to edit a perfectly correct build file without hundreds of false error reports and random IDE crashes.

        And there are some pretty sloppy bugs in the EJB support as well.

        1. Anonymous

          I forgot to add, please do something about the memory usage, it's hideous - especially if you have 2 projects open.

          I don't care too much about any of the new features, please fix the bugs and improve performance.

    2. Anonymous

      that is only 2 months away.

       another full release???

      mind as well rename it to "JBuilder" too as you seem to be following their business model into the ground

      1. Anonymous

        I don't  think what you said is accurate. Borland did itself in with a low quality product, a feature set that was concerned more with competitive bullet points than quality implementation, an over-the-top pricing schedule and in trying to be all things to all people. IntelliJ is none of those things. The features it adds always translate into higher productivity for me, and I have not noticed at all that the releases are in any way unstable. The pre-releases get funky occasionally , but that's what you expect.

        If you make a living writing code, what you want is a solid, well thought-out environment that lets you concentrate on your goals instead of the tool. IntelliJ has that in spades.

        To me, Eclipse as a tool is in permanent beta condition. I especially  loved the day I realized that search didn't "always" work. I can't have that as a possible reason I am stuck.

         If free is all you can afford, then OK, there's no argument you go with what's free. If you're a mega corp and can afford the multi-thousand dollar price tag per seat for a round-trip UML modeler, maybe that's providing value to your organization and causing you to feel no pain. But for not very much money IntelliJ provides me with a dazzling array of features and abilities that just work.

         I pay for an upgrade once a year or less.  I don't have to upgrade if I don't want to. So far the business proposition for an upgrade has been a winner for me because it delivered more usable value. If you're paying a developer 50 bucks an hour, how many hours ofver the course of a year does he or she have t save to make it worth your while? Not many.

        1. Anonymous

          I code for a living and the tax deductable cost of the license, for me, is a no brainer. The cost works out to less than $5 a week. That's the cost of a beer.

          1. Anonymous

            You're aware that with a tax deduction, you're really unlikely to see much, right? You don't actually get the $500 or whatever back in taxes.

            Aside from that, I do agree that the tool adds value. I don't agree with the argument that it adds value so you should pay for it. I have plenty of tools that I rely on way more than IDEA that I didn't have to pay for. That's not to say IDEA isn't worth money, just that it's a weak argument.

    3. Anonymous

      I have to agree! We just upgraded 15 licences and I really can't see possible upgrade in less than another 18 months. Wasn't there document describing development cycle in 1 year per major release at least?

      It's getting a bit hard to talk in favor of IntelliJ IDEA upgrades as for example new Netbeans 6.0 milestones builds starting to look really good.

      1. Anonymous

        and that's what you're getting... It's 1 year at least from the release of the last major version, not one year between the date you purchased it and the next release.

    4. Anonymous

      I also agree, how can we pay asked to pay for another release. I cannot work with release 6.x without restarting it at least once an hour. I am having a hard time as it is to justify using IDEA as oppose to eclipse because of the price, and now I would have to convince them again!

    5. Anonymous

      Most of the features listed here are planned for the milestone release of IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 (Selena).
      The milestone is scheduled for February-March 2007. The roadmap will be expanded then.
      Note that we plan to continue releasing weekly EAP builds during Selena development.

      I believe this is a problem with english as a second language.  "The roadmap will be expanded then." is a clue.

      But I agree, I can't imagine all of these bug fixes and minor changes not making into a 6.x release.  Idea 6 was released months before it was finished.

      1. Anonymous

        i think you're on the right track.  but it is not an english problem.   it says perfectly clearly "for the milestone release" and "milestone is scheduled for".  it does not say 7.0 is being released in March.

        either case 6.0 is a very buggy product relative to prior releases.   if they are going to make me pay for bug fixes then i'll count myself among eclipse converts. 

        1. I completely agree on this. If you don't think 6.0.x is buggy, you haven't been using the ant integration. The state of the ant integration has been sliding downhill since 4.5 (4.5 ant support is much more usable than in 6). To ask us to pay for those fixes is a complete rip off, and will absolutely create a JBuilder deja-vu for many people. That is not a good thing.

          The reason I am looking at the roadmap is that I was hoping to see the ant issues resolved in 6.0.5 that was just released. No such luck (sad)  And now I know why.

          To you JetBrains guys I just want to say: Guard your reputation. Its still good, but it has been sliding in my mind since IDEA 4.5, which was your best release ever IMHO. Letting people pay for bug fixes (especially when the bugfix is named "redesign") is a good way to erode from your rep.

  2. Anonymous

    Can You develop Oracle Toplink support too? i'm using it, and i could very appreciate the feature...

  3. Anonymous

    Oh yeah these features rock! I am glad to see that IntelliJ is dedicating its resources to making my experience of writing code better easier smarter and faster. Sign me up for an upgrade!

  4. Anonymous

    will hybernate integration be an extended/integrated hibero plugin, or something new/different?

  5. Looks nice. Would be also good to see plans for integration with Mercurial VCS and further improvements of interactive collaboration (see NetBeans Collaboration Project as a landmark).

    1. Anonymous

      I second Mercurial integration.  Currently,  I'm lacking it a lot.

  6. Anonymous

    grouplayout would be nice as in the netbeans matisse gui designer...

    1. Anonymous

      I second that. GroupLayout would be very helpful

  7. Anonymous

    How about improvements of code coverage analysis? For example, ability to exclude certain parts of code from coverage stats?

  8. Anonymous

    Somewhere on IDEA forums I've read that automatic highlighting of usages in a file will be implemented (like in other IDEs and like Identifier Highlighter plug-in does) in Selena. Of course, this should be optional. Is it really planned for 7.0 release?

  9. Anonymous

    Hibernate support Yupii!!! (smile)

    Spring support YEah!!!!!

    Maven and TestNG ... (smile)(smile)

    I was one of the people who wrote in other sites blogs about JetBrains missing support for these everyday frameworks... and is good to know you will do it. I really can't wait to see what you guys are going to gie us. !!


  10. Anonymous

    What would really be compelling would be a refactoring tool that would identify common code in a project, module or package and allow one to move it to a utility class i.e. move all common to package to a utility class (create if it does not exist) in the same package or move to a default "utility" package (separate class possibly for each move -- can then refactor these classes later).  The same for constants.
     Another thing that I found that was really helpful on a project to reduce code was to replace conditionals with a table lookup as I believe there is a relation between cyclometric complexity and quality.  It is also easier to test code coverage.
    A refactoring tool that would reduce cyclometric complexity using table lookups, eliminating multiple returns etc. would also be nice as well.
    John Backus wrote a Turing Award paper on FP where he stated that variables holding "mini" state were as bad as spaghetti code using gotos.  A refactoring tool that replaced looping constructs with iterators and functors would be nice as well.
    John Backus wrote a Turing Award paper on FP where he stated that variables holding "mini" state were as bad as sphegheti code using gotos.  A refactoring tool that replaced looping constructs with iterators and functors would be nice as well.

    1. Can you provide a reference to that paper (or name of the paper)?

      1. I assume you're referring to the "Can Programming be Liberated from the von Neumann Style?" paper:

    2. Anonymous

      Functors... No one knows if closures will make their way to java...

  11. Anonymous

    We could REALLY use the ability to modify files in one project while another was loading.  Refreshing--files changing in one project and being reparsed, etc, should NOT affect an entirely different project in another window.

    As a result, performing a rebuild in project #1 and editing in project #2 without closing project #1 is VERY slow as Idea is constantly reloading caches and reparsing files.

  12. Anonymous

    Fantastic! Looks great. As our organization is (unfortunately) moving from CVS to ClearCase, I am very, very glad for the Clear Case integration for Selena.

    IntelliJ is the greatest thing to come to software development since Java.

    keep up the excellent work!


  13. Anonymous

    What about WYSIWYG designer editor for JSP.

    1. Anonymous

      WYSIWYG design editor is a must for any advance IDE. As IntelliJ is the most intelligent IDE around it should give this feature in order to stay ahead from other IDEs. Pls include this feature in selena.

  14. Anonymous

    No built in groovy support?

    After all .. it is a JSR now.

    1. Anonymous


      Groovy looks very interesting, but it's a pain to edit any code without variable renaming, code navigation, and basic code completition.

  15. Anonymous

    I really need multiple persistence layer support.

    I'm using Oracle TopLink now, it is fast and provide more comfort to me using ejb3.

     Can You give support for Toplink in Selena?

    1. Anonymous

      +1 toplink

  16. Anonymous

    I hope "smart step" means that it will skip over several statements at a time if they are nondestructive and don't call anything. For example

    int func() {
    int x = 3;
    int y = 4;
    int foo = x + y;
    return bar(foo);

    Stepping into func() would not stop until it gets to bar(foo); Or if the bar(foo) isn't there, it would not stop until it gets to the foo statement.

    int func() {
    int x = 3;
    int y = 4;
    int foo = x + y;
    return foo;

    Stuff like that.

  17. Anonymous

    what about support for new J2EE application servers such as tomcat 6.x ?

    1. Anonymous

      Tomcat 6.x -- me too!!

  18. Anonymous

    i would love to see the whole javascript support engine turned into a plugin that could then be reused to support other scripting languages like Groovy, BeanShell, JRuby, or Jython, etc.

    high level full scripting support integration would set IDEA far apart from other IDEs. 

    1. Is already is.

      Javascript support is a separate plugin, with source code available.

      1. Anonymous

        so i can execute a javascript script like i can a groovy script or jython script from within IDEA?

  19. Anonymous

    What I really would like to see, is IDEA using less memory and being faster .... and less bugs than in the current version.


  20. Structural diff and annotation would be nice. Current diff cannot handle sorted source code.

  21. Anonymous

    A good WYSIWYG GWT designer would be a compelling reason to upgrade. Otherwise there isn't enough here.

    1. Anonymous

  22. Anonymous

    You have already started to implement specific support for the Bindows JavaScript library. Maybe that should be added to the roadmap too...

  23. Anonymous

    Please test your OS X version for all this nice features. I had issues with GWT on OS X ... . Concur with others on making 6.x stable before asking for cash. Memory usage is a big issue.

  24. Anonymous

    What are facets ? Do they mean Facelets ?

    1. Facets add support for some specific framework or tool.

      Adding a facet in IntelliJ is similar to "Add ... Project Nature" in Eclipse.

  25. ++1 FOR GROOVY.  Groovy rocks, it has immediate usage for java programmers, version 1.0 just came out,  and by the time idea 7.0 comes out Grails will be in 1.0 status.  I've been using intellij since version 2.0 and I LOVE it's coding capabilities for Java, Javascript, XML, HTML, etc.  I would love to see it move into Groovy, Jython, JRuby, etc. but GROOVY first. 

  26. Anonymous

    Why do I have the feeling IDEA is getting slower at each release??

  27. Anonymous

    Seriously, since release 6, I've the feeling IDEA is getting more and more behind of Eclipse. I'm still using IDEA because of it's refactoring tools, which are more powerful than those of Eclipse. But it's really the only point that makes me stay with IDEA.

    Additionally, I've got many trouble recently debugging with tomcat:

    - I've to configure almost each time the tomcat settings

    - Debug window simply doesn't start ... it's a mystery! 

    1. Anonymous

      I'm still using IDEA because of it's refactoring tools, which are more powerful than those of Eclipse. But it's really the only point that makes me stay with IDEA.

      +1. I have a few other points, but not enough to decisively tip the balance in favor of IDEA if Eclipse refactoring caught up.

  28. Anonymous

    The opening and closing of my project in IntelliJ 6.x is very slow, like an EAP release.  I cannot believe they are skipping to version 7 already without finishing version 6.

    1. Anonymous

      Same problem. Do you have your project locally or on a remote machine?

  29. I disagree that Idea is falling behind eclipse.  I am a long time Idea user but use Eclipse at work. Here are my advantages to each:

     Pros for Eclipse:
    Starts faster
    Opens projects faster
    Seems to handle the memory load of having large projects or multiple projects open better
    More plugins, can have better support for some important technologies such as Hibernate 

    Idea benefits:
    Better refactoring tools
    WAY better code analysis tools if you are doing any kind of QA
    Faster editor
    Faster at browsing between files (ctrl + N is WAY faster than ctrl + shift + R which seems to hang for many seconds)
    Far smarter referencing between classes, methods, etc.
    WAY, WAY better JSP, HTML, XML and Javascript editors.  Eclipse isn't even close.  Very important for web applications.
    Better Struts support if you have to use Struts (which I do, yes I hate Struts)

    In conclusion, my opinion is that Eclipse is a good editor, but I write faster, better code using Idea.

  30. Anonymous

    It will be great if the Idea 7.0 will run with JDK1.4, because im working on freebsd and JDK1.5 is full of bugs.

  31. Now that Struts 2.0.6 goes final, you can add Support for Struts 2 ??? (thumbs up)

  32. Anonymous

    What I really love to see in idea is showing the threads in real-time. Idea shows threads only when the debugger is paused. Eclipse and Netbeans have this capabilit to show the thrads in real time, so you can pasue a thread to set a break-point or evaluate a value.

  33. Anonymous

    What I really love to see in idea is showing the threads in real-time. Idea shows threads only when the debugger is paused. Eclipse and Netbeans have this capabilit to show the thrads in real time, so you can pasue a thread to set a break-point or evaluate a value.

  34. Anonymous

    Support for Clearcase is good news, but support for Microsoft's TEAM FOUNDATION SERVER (TFS) would be better, for me at least, and anyone who's currently using Visual Source Safe (VSS).  TFS (rather than Clearcase or CVS) is the natural successor to VSS for any organisations with an msdn subscription and mixed .net/java development . 

    1. Anonymous


      many companies are migrating from source safe to tfs. As seen in the comments many people permanently compare idea vs. eclipse - and with eclipse there are some plugins that support tfs already which is then a big + for eclipse. It would be a great market opportunity for jetbrains if they support tfs in the near future. It would be great at first to just support the vcs operations of tfs. Later on of course work item tracking features would be welcome.

      What is the strategy of jetbrains regarding tfs as teamcity already supports tfs?


      1. Anonymous

        I strongly agree. I work for a big financial company and we have a mix of Java and .Net applications that are currently using TFS for version control. Until IDEA supports TFS we will run eclipse instead. I know a lot of people that prefers IDEA over eclipse that are now stuck with eclipse because of the lack of version control support.


        1. I echo everyone else's remarks.  We have several development teams who are using IntelliJ that we need to migrate to TFS.  They may resist migrating until integration with TFS exists.  It would be nice to hear from the IntelliJ developers on this.  I'm sure they're looking at it -- it would just be nice to know when that might be happening.

          1. Anonymous

            I might me a little late to the party, but I just want to echo the statement of supporting TFS directly in IntelliJ. Granted, TFS is far from finished in the quality and stability department (current customer has encountered numerous bugs and quirks, which in the end made them switch version control system), and JetBrains TeamCity seems to support it in some way, but still, due to the marketing machinery that is Microsoft and due to the least effort mechanisms of migration for existing  Source Safe customers, I think JetBrains would do themselves a big disfavour not supporting TFS.

  35. Anonymous

    I do not like an idea of paying for bugfixes. Idea 6 is horrible. You should release at least 6.x with bug fixes and performance improvements

    1. A 6.0.5 release with many bugfixes and performance improvements is in the works:

      Why not try it and provide some feedback?

  36. Anonymous

    The JavaScript refactoring improvements are VERY welcome. I hope that renaming methods on a prototype object will be scoped properly,  instead of doing a mass find and replace as it does now.

    We would really like to see some C#/mono capabilities in IntelliJ itself, for those of us who do cross-platform C# development/testing.

  37. Anonymous

    JSF/Facelets support would be nice to have

  38. Anonymous

    I'm interested to:

    • Hibernate
    • Database/mapping structure diff for JPA & Hibernate
    • Maven integration
    • TestNG integration


  39. Anonymous

    You need to go back to the core philosophy, which is what made IDEA a success in the first place:

    - Enabling developers to code faster and more efficiently.

    Stop adding more features, but concentrate on memory footprint, startup time and zero bugs.

    I am still using version 5 because I saw no reason to pay for the new features in 6. Version 5 still has bugs, but they are not being fixed anymore. IDEA has become this bloated tool that tries to do way too much. Good developers don't need Tomcat integration. All we want is a tool that enables us to code Java quickly. That is why we loved IDEA in the first place. But now, IDEA is becoming bloated, with tons of useless features only the amateur developer asks for, and the number of bugs and speed is becoming intolerable. If JetBrains do not change their direction immediately, I will be moving over to Eclipse.

  40. Anonymous

    solution to all problems: use MyEclipse GE
    have been using it and works much better than intellij

    1. Anonymous

      Piss off then. This is a place for people who enjoy using IntelliJ.

      1. Anonymous

        given that 90% of posts seem to be whiners, his one is in line... Not daring to say who he is is of course also typical, someone working for a competitor maybe?

        P.S. someone fix the image verification system.

        1. Anonymous

          "Not daring to say who he" - posted by Anonymous!! That's rich!(tongue)

          --An anonymous whiner

  41. Anonymous

    Can you please detail the hibernate support? What features exactly do you plan on implementing? In my opinion all the hibero features should be supported, in particular the 'run query' one and the 'query translation'. I think these two are the most useful.

  42. Sweet, a final roadmap. (smile)

    My favorites of the new features are the improvements to project configuration, Maven integration, performance improvements and especially "Annotate library classes (e.g. JDK) with Nullable/NotNull/NonNls". I'm eagerly waiting for a ready-made annotations collection for the central JDK packages (java.lang, java.util, javax.swing etc.).

  43. Anonymous

    Will M2 be released?

  44. Anonymous

    Mercurial support would be a really good idea - especially since Java is moving in that direction.  I think at some point very soon Mercurial support will be essential.

  45. Anonymous

    Another feature that would be awesome is the ability to synch changesets between projects.  This comes up a lot when working with multiple branches.

  46. Anonymous

    Is the Groovy & Grails plugin the Jetbrains team is working on right now going to be bundled with the EAP any time soon?  Is it gonna make it into release 7.0?

  47. Anonymous

    To tell the truth, in the world of Web and Web2.0 a good WYSIWYG GWT designer and a good WYSIWYG JSF designer is a basic tool for the most advanced IDE. What do You think?

    1. Just my 2 cents on this. In a perfect world, we'd get a visual GWT and JSF/JSP designer that would handle every possible scenario. However there are situations that even a high end page editor like Dreamweaver has problems with, and that's a dedicated, stand-alone page designer.

      I'd rather see the effort be used to make IDEA faster, easier, and more compliant to other standards. I use other tools for my JSF and GWT design, and just integrate it into the application using the existing tools there today. While a good designer would add some value, I don't think it would give me that much. I inherited an application that I maintain, and the pages are such spaghetti, that even the page formatter has significant trouble trying to process it. I can't imagine what this would be like under a visual JSP editor.

      I could use Eclipse with MyEclipse, but I choose to pay 10x the cost for IDEA because of what IDEA does. 

  48. Anonymous

    Support for MXML and ActionScript please. I see IDEA knows about such file extensions but it doesn't support them really. It would be a huge plus for me to go with IDEA in future.

  49. Maven integration: great but.

    maven-idea-plugin for goal idea:idea has property dependenciesAsLibraries, can't find similar functionality in Selena EAP.
    This feature is very useful in case of generated code, you don't have java sources in src/main/java, classes are generated from whatever, and are visible in resulting packaging.

    Is this feature planed for Selena?

    Thanks for delivering best IDE on planet,

  50. Anonymous


    It would be great if the maven support would include a repository search, ie to be able to search for artifacts in local repos and in remote ones as well. Combine it with completion in writing the <dependency>-tag and you have a winner. (smile)

  51. Anonymous

    IntelliJ guys have been conspicuously silent on ant support. My bet is they're putting all their eggs in the maven basket and they have totally abandoned hope to fix ant problems. It pains me beyond description to think that I might need to move to Eclipse. IntelliJ (in its not so buggy incarnations) has been heretofore infinitely more usable. But random bugs in 6.0.x (mostly false reds in the editor and build when project dependencies are correct) and the unacceptable ant integration may force my hand. (sad)

    The 7.0 release also looks to be a grab-bag of new features that make for great press releases but do not attest to a stable and usable product.  Big mistake.

    1. As a matter of fact, the 7.0M2 release includes a lot of bugfixes for the Ant integration. You don't see anything about that on our Web site because no major new features were added, but we do continue working on Ant bugfixes.

      1. Anonymous

        Hey, that gives me some hope to hear that - any ant fixes going into 6.0.x?

        1. No, I don't think so. We're now backporting only localized critical fixes to 6.0.x, and the Ant fixes required significant internal changes.

  52. What about updating the Roadmap to include the changes from M2? (wink)

    1. Anonymous

      A month was gone but "Implemented in Milestone 2" still isn't here!

  53. Anonymous

    need configurable for libriaries download site!!

    when I create new project, IDEA will download needed libriaryes for me automatily for me (it nice!). but it always download from , in some country, this site is slow. CAN I change this site to other mirrors? and how?

    1. Unfortunately you cannot. Maybe in the next version... Create a JIRA request to track that.

    2. You can use maven's settings.xml to specify mirror repos. IDEA picks it automatically. I would recommend that you use one of the repository manager servers (Artifactory, Proximity or if you are really adventurous you can try Archiva)

       See also

  54. OK so I can cross off my extract classrefactoring from my todo list.

    <occurs to me> It's important to read the roadmap periodically so you don't waste your time doing what's going to be done anyways</occurs to me>