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Sample Projects

Sample IDEA projects for different frameworks/technologies are listed below.

1. Google App Engine

Download the latest Java App Engine SDK from Download and open the project. IDEA will show error popup about missing path variable, click "Fix it" and specify path to App Engine SDK for APP_ENGINE_SDK_HOME variable. Go to Setting | Application Servers, click 'Add' button and select "Google App Engine Dev Server", specify path to App Engine SDK.

2. Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR-299) 

Project contains: run configurations for JBoss and artifact examples

Download CDI (JSR-299) samples

3. JSF 2.0  (JSR-314)

Download JSF 2.0 samples

4. Spring Security 3.0

Project contains: run configurations for Tomcat and artifact examples

Download Spring Security 3.0 samples

5. JPA/Hibernate/SQL sample

JPA/Hibernate/SQL sample

6. Google Web Toolkit

Download GWT Sdk from Download and open the project. IDEA will show error popup about missing GWT_SDK_HOME path variable, click "Fix it" and specify path to GWT Sdk.

7. Flex

To build and run the Flex projects you need to download and install Flex SDK (

  • Temperatures. This is a tiny application that converts values across different temperature scales. Currently it supports very few scales, but you may easily add your own implementations. See a demo for the project setup details.
  • HelloWorld i18n. This is an example of an application that supports internationalization. Before you compile it you need to create Spanish version of Flex SDK resources. Just run from command line:
    Also please see related demo for details.
  • BlazeDS. You need to check Tomcat settings for 'java-server' run configuration. Tomcat from BlazeDS installation can be used which is located at <BlazeDS installation>/tomcat.
  • GraniteDS. Check Tomcat settings for 'java-server' run configuration before running. See our blog for more information.
  • Flexmojos maven project. Compile project by maven ('mvn compile' from command line), then open project in IDEA and reimport maven project (see Maven tool window). Look for more information in our blog.

8. ColdFusion

To develop cfml projects you need to download ColdFusion Developer Server from Download and extract project to your coldfusion root (probably C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot for windows). Open and compile project. Open coldfusion admin (http://localhost:8500/CFIDE/administrator/enter.cfm by default). Go to Server Settings/Java and JVM/ColdFusion Class Path and add a path to IDEA output directory (ex: C:/ColdFusion8/wwwroot/Sample/out/production/Sample). Restart ColdFusion server. Open http://localhost:8500/Sample/src/HelloWorld.cfml url in browser to view the page.

9. Tapestry

Download Tapestry 5.1 sample project. All needed libraries included. Also Tomcat 5.5 run configuration provided, so you have to install Tomcat 5.5 if you want to run it. This sample project is based on JumpStart project, see for additional info.

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