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  • Plugin Compatibility with IntelliJ Platform Products
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  1. I just figured out that there is one more dependency: ultimate platform: com.intellij.modules.ultimate. It does not exist in community edition.

  2. Hello, could you clarify how exactly i should do this "create an IntelliJ Platform SDK pointing to an installation of RubyMine/PyCharm". Is it about that when i creating Project SDK i should point to i.e. RubyMine directory instead of Idea ? I'm right ?

  3. does CLion not feature "com.intellij.modules.lang"? My plugin depends on this module and seems to be incompatible with CLion. 

    (same for MPS)

    1. Dan, com.intellij.modules.lang is also available in both AppCode and CLion. 
      Could you please check the plugin's requirements (e.g. since-build, until-build)

      1. well, at least the plugin repository is considering it "incompatible dependency" for MPS and CLion.

        AppCode looks fine.


        1. Plugin repository now only lists predefined set of plugins. Closer to 1.0 we'll expand the list do that custom plugins will also be available.

        2. It's ok now ( The list of modules is used instead of predefined set from now.