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IDEA-52048 (Bug)

"Could not set package name for jsp files" message when creating an XHTML file

IDEA-52785 (Bug)

Endless update in file tree view

IDEA-53616 (Bug)

Printing does not work at all in current IDEA release candidate

IDEA-53906 (Bug)

Deadlock during shutdown

IDEA-51587 (Exception)

Exception when starting IDEA

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-53091 (Bug)

CamelHump autocompletion partially broken for variables with underscores in name

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-53776 (Bug)

Reformat ActionScript: lot of spaces between else and if should be replaced with a single one



IDEA-52004 (Bug)

HTML Editor can't resolve file within conditional comments

Flex Support


IDEA-53800 (Feature)

Surround with if: put boolean expressions into condition block instead of body

IDEA-53661 (Bug)

Inline method: usage is highilighted incorrectly

IDEA-53717 (Bug)

Create method from usage does not scroll to newly created method in Mxml file

IDEA-53869 (Bug)

Itar: should not suggest duplicate instance variable name

IDEA-26158 (Bug)

flex: simplifiable if statement: quickfix leaves dangling braces

IDEA-26737 (Bug)

mxml: "create namespace declaration" quickfix does not scroll editor

IDEA-53667 (Bug)

No 'infinite recursion' inspection for getters

IDEA-25737 (Bug)

flex: quickfix for unused local variable leaves empty lines behind

IDEA-48743 (Bug)

Asdoc from source: the first word is missing for the @return description

IDEA-53396 (Bug)

Reformat code breaks empty CDATA section in MXML

IDEA-53771 (Bug)

Actionscript 'Spaces near type reference' setting is not restored on dialog reopening

IDEA-53757 (Bug)

No highlighting for anonymous function missing return type

IDEA-53764 (Bug)

Global functions are not found via Go to symbol

IDEA-53551 (Bug)

Error should not appear stating that a remote URL is not accessible in case of 401 response

IDEA-26534 (Bug)

mxml: extracting method from event attribute doesn't shorten references

IDEA-53659 (Bug)

Incompatible override due to return type mismatch is not reported in some cases

IDEA-53245 (Bug)

Implementing interfaces with the [Bindable] tag causes IEventDispatcher inspection errors

IDEA-53683 (Bug)

Good code red in equality check

IDEA-51586 (Bug)

Good code is red: Array is highlighted as incompatible return type

IDEA-53379 (Bug)

Non-static members of any class autocomple as static and its not hightlight as error in the code editor.

IDEA-53774 (Exception)

exception in iter



IDEA-53575 (Feature)

javascript: "complete statement" action should add closing parentheses

IDEA-26681 (Bug)

JavaScript: "Unresolved function or method jQuery()" when I put jQuery source to the project

IDEA-53583 (Bug)

CodeComplete in javascript file produces code with error

IDEA-53441 (Bug)

StackOverflowError from JavaScript parser

IDEA-53690 (Bug)

javascript: "Introduce Variable": provide better naming suggestions when introducing variable from indexed array access

IDEA-53594 (Bug)

javascript: 'create function' / 'create method' intentions produce red code

IDEA-53572 (Bug)

javascript: Ctrl-Shift-Enter does not always insert semicolon

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-53794 (Performance Problem)

IU-95.24 Typing in editor in java class is slow, possibly related to flex/swf

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-53049 (Bug)

<mx:Binding/> tags with static method calls cause inspection errors

IDEA-53401 (Bug)

typo inspection problems

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-52374 (Task)

Release source of Tomcat plugin

Project Configuration


IDEA-53826 (Bug)

Eclipse integration doesn't resolve module libraries

IDEA-53844 (Bug)

Deadlock while modifying project structure

IDEA-53855 (Bug)

Eclipse: Maven_1 dependencies not recognised after import from eclipse.

IDEA-53742 (Bug)

Eclipse dependency storage is broken



IDEA-53622 (Task)

Map help button of the Replace Constructor with Builder dialog box



IDEA-53535 (Bug)

Error message 'cannot resolve' is shown in JSP file if "<%= %>" construction is used



IDEA-53570 (Bug)

'groovy: final' should be parsed as an identifier in property access expression

IDEA-53571 (Bug)

resolve usages of statically imported properties to accessors

IDEA-51373 (Bug)

Groovy: statically imported class without package prefix is not resolved if all static members of the class are imported

IDEA-52997 (Bug)

Groovy: good code is red. A field and a property of the same name are error highlighted

IDEA-53851 (Bug)

Groovy: static import with package prefix is not resolved unless all static members of the class are imported

IDEA-53582 (Bug)

Groovy: wrong warning "Method cannot be applied to Type" for generic inheritors methods

IDEA-53140 (Bug)

Confusing message when removing groovy dynamic property

IDEA-53762 (Bug)

Groovy: "Make public" quick fix inserts "def" keyword instead of "public"

IDEA-53921 (Bug)

Groovy: statically imported members of a class are not resolved if they are imported via .* syntax without package prefix

IDEA-24721 (Bug)

Compilation with @Immutable class fails

IDEA-53580 (Exception)

Groovy: PsiInvalidElementAccessException at GrClassImplUtil.createBaseClassType() on deleting anonymously instantiated interface/abstract class

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-52399 (Bug)

IDEA locks up on Create Property modal dialog error and must be killed via System task manger

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-51809 (Bug)

Project search with more then one file pattern



IDEA-51265 (Usability Problem)

UML: F4 on a member item from should lead to member, not to containing class



IDEA-24164 (Bug)

Please update R in background (non-UI thread)

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Tomcat


IDEA-53750 (Bug)

ClassNotFound Exception when debuging web application in Tomcat

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