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  • Maia 95.521 Release Notes
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No subsystem


IDEA-57706 (Bug)

Recording macros with certain symbols, HTML-escapes them after reload of IDE

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-53248 (Bug)

Posting Notification without specifying a project results in showing two balloons

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-57701 (Bug)

JUnit: exception thrown in @BeforeClass of the parent class not detected when running test method in the child test

PHP lang


WI-1090 (Usability Problem)

All folds situated lower incorrect syntax are expanded on editing on the fly

WI-2695 (Bug)

On Comment/Uncomment line action (Ctrl+Slash) in a line with only opening PHP tag the action is applied to the next line

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-57958 (Bug)

Listeners from TestNG run configuration defaults don't get copied to special run configurations (for class, method, ...)



WI-2708 (Bug)

Don't report "Invalid id reference" for "for" attribute in JavaScript string

Flex Support


IDEA-56976 (Feature)

Allow to choose debugger version to use for debugging Flex/AIR/FlexUnit

IDEA-57776 (Bug)

Flex 4 - fx:Script tag - red code in inline item renderers

IDEA-57329 (Bug)

Flex debugger: incorrect stack frame navigation if there are >1 classes with the same name in different packages

IDEA-57059 (Bug)

Good code may become red if 3rd party SWC libraries contain Flex framework classes (as well as SWCs from Flex SDK)

IDEA-57689 (Bug)

as3 incorrect code listed on valid code

Distribution packages


WI-2733 (Bug)

Unable to start PhpStorm program under linux ( Ubuntu 10.04 )



IDEA-57055 (Performance Problem)

Slow JSPs



IDEA-57144 (Cosmetics)

Grails: quick navigation buttons could be the same color as editor gutter



IDEA-23173 (Bug)

"skipping index file ...Thumbs.db" should not be concidered as error when building android project

IDE Configuration


IDEA-57885 (Bug)

duplicates in the compiler resource patterns

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