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No subsystem


IDEA-56462 (Bug)

public static final fields not supported in HQL

IDEA-54045 (Exception)

Downloading and installing plugin fails with no indication of the problem - IDEA does not start anymore

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-56464 (Usability Problem)

Linux/OS X Subversion credentials working only when stored in plaintext



IDEA-53370 (Bug)

Persistence QL inspection doesn't understand generics

PHP lang


WI-2535 (Cosmetics)

folding settings spelling

WI-2486 (Bug)

"array to list" assignment does not consider right-side array used

WI-2531 (Bug)

PHPDoc autogenerator creates duplicate definition

WI-2527 (Bug)

Add field intention brokes class when setting parent fields in constructor

IntelliJ Platform


WI-2543 (Bug)

Sqlite VIRTUAL TABLE ... USING support

WI-2076 (Bug)

MySQL dialect wrong inspection

Flex Support


IDEA-56525 (Bug)

'Extract method' refactoring should not be available when there's no method around



WI-2551 (Bug)

HTML5 completion does not work when IDEA / PhpStorm / WebStorm installation path contains spaces



IDEA-56393 (Bug)

JSF components support with s:convertDateTime



IDEA-18998 (Usability Problem)

Refresh tables of data sources doesn't import Oracle synonyms

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