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IDEA-53400 (Usability Problem)

Progress indicator doesn't work on Welcome screen

IDEA-52966 (Bug)

Spell Checker - Hex color codes recognized as typos.

IDEA-53217 (Bug)

memory leak on MacOS

IDEA-53224 (Bug)

HQL Console - unable to add parameters

IDEA-53228 (Performance Problem)

Switched back to IDE and it was completely hung

GWT Support


IDEA-52723 (Bug)

Inspection error: Native JavaScript support in GWT code embedded in GAE context

IDEA-52884 (Bug)

GWT UiBinder UiFactory paramters not validated

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-52547 (Bug)

GWT: Missing attribute support in the UiBinder root element/node

IDEA-41996 (Bug)

Cannot invoke "Suppress for class / method / statement" quick fix from string with injected language



IDEA-53317 (Bug)

IDEA pops up a "Malformed url:




" dialog when running a grails app with --https

IDEA-53386 (Bug)

Groovy deadlock

IDEA-53309 (Bug)

Good code is red: IntelliJ 9 + g:message args=.... in Grails applications



IDEA-53203 (Bug)

QL color settings: setting an effect to identifiers makes them shown bold

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-53143 (Bug)

code folder not visually obvious

IDEA-53283 (Bug)

Aggressive Code Folding

Project View


IDEA-53343 (Bug)

The New right-click context menu is disabled when the View As dropdown menu has selected favorites

Flex Support


IDEA-53239 (Usability Problem)

Help Button on Flex Facet dialog does not open Flex Facet Settings help page

IDEA-53047 (Usability Problem)

Flex compiler classpath in Flexmojos SDK may miss some important jars

IDEA-53268 (Bug)

Flex metadata: support compression attributes for Embed tag

IDEA-52414 (Bug)

ActionScript3 conditional compilation statements cause parsing errors

Task Management


IDEA-24029 (Feature)

Tasks -> Open Task: provide manual refresh for list of possible tasks



IDEA-53258 (Bug)

Missing IdClass in Generated JPA Entities

Project Configuration


IDEA-51132 (Feature)

Support eclipse path variables used in paths to src

IDEA-53327 (Bug)

Can't search for certain settings



IDEA-52914 (Bug)

Strange double quoting in spring configuration file

IDEA-26641 (Bug)

False positive on unused method inspection

User Interface


IDEA-52829 (Bug)

Empty/corrupted context menus in Run/Debug toolwindow

IDEA-27025 (Bug)

menu bug

Google App Engine


IDEA-25864 (Bug)

Password is not protected when uploading a google app engine application

IDEA-53053 (Bug)

need to run JDO enhancer on entity subclass when superclass changes

Maven Integration


IDEA-52760 (Feature)

Provide "download sources" button (next to "attach sources" button) when binary class is part of Maven dependency

IDEA-50395 (Feature)

Maven: provide inspection that checks incorrect usage of 'import' dependency scope

IDEA-48427 (Feature)

Maven: MavenProjects view: add extra goal to lifecycle - prepare-package

IDEA-43866 (Feature)

Maven: it would be nice to validate/autocomplete jar path for system depemdencies

IDEA-51298 (Bug)

Maven: do not set 'exported' flag on Maven dependencies

IDEA-52893 (Bug)

Maven: OverrideParentDependency: show dependencies from grand-parents

IDEA-53102 (Bug)

Maven: "Cannot process resource file" error when setting targetPath for resource

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-53068 (Feature)

Live Templates jsQualifiedClassName expression

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-52651 (Bug)

Find in path no longer first checks for whole words

Version Control


IDEA-53298 (Usability Problem)

Deleting an active empty change lists prompts to delete list I just removed

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