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IDEA-55470 (Bug)

Undefined Path Variables error is shown if for some files svn:keywords revision property is set

IDEA-55722 (Bug)

NPE throws if Show Implementations Action calls on virtual PSI element.



IDEA-24847 (Bug)

JPA annotation mappings doesn't include entities inside jars

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-52052 (Bug)

JPA inspections reporting good code as error when using XML based Hibernate configuration

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Generic


IDEA-55622 (Bug)

JBoss: hotswap doesn't work for exploded EJB if compiler output path = artifact output path

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-55339 (Exception)

SVN: The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open



IDEA-53955 (Bug)

Grails, Griffon: application name is not passed to command line when running create-app

IDEA-55810 (Bug)

Grails: Folder target should be exclude from project content.

IDEA-55608 (Exception)

Grails: IllegalArgumentException at MvcFramework.getInstalledPluginVersions on removing application module

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-55568 (Feature)

Allow AsyncResult to return value when rejected

Flex Support


IDEA-55680 (Bug)

Otpimization of Import statements in MXML files sometimes deletes necessary imports

IDEA-50736 (Bug)

Report unused parameter if it's not the last one

IDEA-25637 (Bug)

Flex itemRenderer Attribute Completion/Validation

IDEA-53378 (Bug)

Wrong typo warning highlighting in package definition

IDEA-55217 (Bug)

flex: "quick show usages" popup does not show method/field/property names in title

IDEA-53246 (Bug)

Need alternative location for config_for_tests.xml file to prevent "config_for_tests.xml not found" errors

IDEA-55541 (Bug)

Flex: go to declaration does not work on Accordion headerRenderer

Task Management


IDEA-55592 (Usability Problem)

Add "completes #id" to commit message for pivotal tracker

Project Configuration


IDEA-55421 (Bug)

Share default run/debug configuration not persisting

Version Control. Git


IDEA-24999 (Usability Problem)

Support global "path to git" in Maia

IDEA-53782 (Cosmetics)

Git: confusing error on attempt to commit with empty commit message

IDEA-55232 (Task)

Add a Help ID to Password Safe page (Settings | IDE Settings | Password Safe)

IDEA-51195 (Bug)

Git: unable to commit 700 files

IDEA-53957 (Bug)

Git: do not run git rm command for unversioned files

IDEA-53784 (Bug)

Git: when login dialog is cancelled, don't show it again twice

IDEA-55587 (Bug)

Git: save information about known hosts in %HOME% directory if provided.

GUI Designer


IDEA-26631 (Bug)

javac2 - IDEA generated Ant Files - can't configure javac2.classpath in IDEA

Ant Integration


IDEA-51623 (Bug)

Generated ANT Build includes test compile code in wrong target

IDEA-51621 (Bug)

Generated ANT build does not restrict libraries marked with Test Scope to only compile tests

IDEA-52314 (Bug)

"Generate Ant Build" uses explicit paths instead of ${basedir}-relative paths

XML editing


IDEA-54404 (Bug)

java.lang.IllegalStateException: @NotNull method com/intellij/openapi/editor/impl/FoldRegionImpl.getPlaceholderText must not return null



IDEA-54300 (Bug)

android projects can't be compiled in located in path with spaces

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-55605 (Bug)

Freemarker: IntelliJ completely locks up on specific edit action in a Freemarker template

Version Control


IDEA-44917 (Bug)

Shelve changes: after project reopening the Shelf tab changes its position in Changes view

CSS Editing


IDEA-54213 (Bug)

CSS color values are not renamed

IDEA-54824 (Bug)

CSS Reformat Code breaks font shorthand

IDEA-54878 (Bug)

Problem renaming to hyphenated CSS selector



IDEA-55641 (Bug)

Stop when debugger is on breakpoint doesn't work

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