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IDEA-18758 (Feature)

Hibernate AnnotationSessionFactoryBean configuration not parsed



IDEA-54516 (Bug)

EJBQL alias and "not exists" commands

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-54861 (Performance Problem)

AWT-EventQueue blocked on Subversion worker thread



IDEA-53214 (Feature)

Add support for HTML5



IDEA-53573 (Feature)

javascript: recognize native "JSON" object

IDEA-54872 (Feature)

Method separators don't work in ActionScript

IDEA-54525 (Bug)

JavaScript structure window showing structure locally used (not declared) objects

Flex Support


IDEA-54299 (Task)

Make it easier to increase Flex compiler heap size

IDEA-54791 (Bug)

flex: namespace field shows up twice in Ctrl-F12 / structure view

IDEA-54339 (Bug)

Flex: Optimize imports does not honor CONFIG blocks

IDEA-54889 (Bug)

Generate Getter/Setter doesn't format correctly with AS3 metadata

IDEA-54845 (Bug)

Flex conditional breakpoints: suggest to stop in case of condition evaluation failure

IDEA-54822 (Bug)

Flex .mxml inspection, false complains about fx:XMLList in flex 4

IDEA-54995 (Bug)

Metadata attribute value can be reference expression, right now is not parsed correctly

IDEA-54804 (Bug)

Do not red highlight conditional variable references in library sources

IDEA-54786 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: final var/const

IDEA-54823 (Bug)

Flex: Good code yellow - function recurses infinitely

IDEA-54785 (Bug)

flex: "const" keyword not offered for completion where expected

IDEA-54783 (Bug)

flex: good code red: unresolved reference to trace() function in static function

IDEA-54780 (Bug)

flex: "Copy Reference" action should work for references, not only definitions

IDEA-54781 (Bug)

flex: Ctrl-Shift-Enter places semicolon in wrong place

IDEA-53625 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't recognize Alchemy SWC

IDEA-54964 (Bug)

Autocomplete for Spark non visual components does not work

IDEA-54948 (Bug)

[Flex] Debugger Variables scope not matching



IDEA-25752 (Bug)

spring + hibernate facet. AnnotationSessionFactoryBean.packagesToScan not supported

Maven Integration


IDEA-54967 (Cosmetics)

New Project Wizard Label misspelled

User Interface


IDEA-51802 (Usability Problem)

Checking a box in Code Style/Spaces makes the preview to scroll down

OSGi Support


IDEA-54704 (Bug)

OSGi: Directory-based bundles cause error on startup



IDEA-49581 (Feature)

Add Code Completion for GSP tag attributes names

IDEA-47937 (Feature)

[Grails 1.1] add <tmpl> gsp tag support

IDEA-54898 (Bug)

Grails 1.3.0 unit tests fail but IDEA always says "All tests passed"



IDEA-48717 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: reference to alias defined in UNION query in parenthesis is not resolved

IDEA-54990 (Bug)

mysql: strange Ctrl-P popup for now()

No subsystem


IDEA-51452 (Bug)

Cannot edit scopes

Version Control


IDEA-53894 (Bug)

IDEA is unable to show diff for shelved new files



IDEA-54963 (Bug)

AspectJ: Cannot invoke "Change signature" refactoring from definition/reference in .aj file

IDEA-54408 (Bug)

AspectJ: live templates don't work in .aj files

CSS Editing


IDEA-54629 (Bug)

Valid Flex CSS property value is highlighted as error

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