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IDEA-27174 (Performance Problem)

IDEA 9.0 repeatedly freezes 3-5 seconds for no reason

IDEA-53888 (Bug)

Error when typing in console

IDEA-54340 (Bug)

Deadlock while trying to execute large bunch of text using cmd.exe in console

IDEA-27103 (Bug)

ExternalResourceManagerImpl#removeResource() only updates mapping, but not resource locations

XML editing


IDEA-54275 (Bug)

XML Zen Coding gets re-enabled on restart

IDEA-54123 (Bug)

XML: comment command on empty line does nothing

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-20376 (Usability Problem)

Fix class casting inspection/intension

IDEA-54589 (Bug)

EJB QL Inspection incorrectly flags valid EJB QL



IDEA-54354 (Bug)

JSP EL completion should not suggest write-only properties (having only setter)

Maven Integration


IDEA-54011 (Bug)

Maven: SNAPSHOT overlay is not refreshed when the snapshot was updated

IDEA-51298 (Bug)

Maven: do not set 'exported' flag on Maven dependencies

IDEA-53170 (Bug)

Maven: if some module and the module it depends on use different library versions, IDEA may use incorrect one

IDEA-46413 (Bug)

Maven action buttons should be disabled if no maven project detected

IDEA-54254 (Bug)

Test dependency of another maven module is not added to junit classpath



IDEA-24850 (Usability Problem)

'Complete Current Statement' behaves differently in JavaScript/ActionScript code than in Java code

IDEA-54388 (Exception)

NPE - processRefExpr

Flex Support


IDEA-26303 (Feature)

Implement "Copy Reference" action for Flex

IDEA-54528 (Feature)

Generate getter/setter should replace field usages with accessor usages

IDEA-54336 (Usability Problem)

Flex debugger: XML values view is not user friendly

IDEA-53641 (Usability Problem)

Class hierarchy view: filter out items marked with [ExcludeClass]

IDEA-50280 (Usability Problem)

Order and execution of smart step into variants is wrong

IDEA-54621 (Cosmetics)

Make ActionScript import folding similar to Java

IDEA-53640 (Cosmetics)

'Main class not found' error message is shown after I click cancel at 'Choose Main Class' dialog

IDEA-53880 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable (in mxml context) eats start sequence of CDATA

IDEA-54643 (Bug)

flex: confusing presentation difference: new() expression resolving to class vs. resolving to ctor

IDEA-54537 (Bug)

Idea can't understand XML comments in actionscript embedded xml.

IDEA-54346 (Bug)

flex: "add type to declaration" quickfix does not determine correct type for typed list literal

IDEA-54070 (Bug)

Good code is red: string + number

IDEA-54279 (Bug)

flex: inline method leaves asdoc of old method lingering around

IDEA-26456 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: "implements" attribute on <mx:Application> should only accept FQN interface references

IDEA-54034 (Bug)

E4X shows warnings

IDEA-54035 (Bug)

Type is lost in assignstatements

IDEA-54508 (Bug)

Flex debugger: multiline string values are not shown in variables view or watches

IDEA-54593 (Bug)

Unknown metadata tag "SkinPart"

IDEA-54513 (Bug)

Inline method should not even show dialog for a method from SDK

IDEA-53336 (Bug)

flex: can't find usages of method

IDEA-24717 (Bug)

support XML evaluation in Flex debug

IDEA-54454 (Bug)

flex: good code red: member resolving should be aware that namespace fields are implicitly static

IDEA-26338 (Bug)

Import from Flex/Flash Builder: source folder is not imported if it is implicitly specified and equal to main project folder

IDEA-54205 (Bug)

Create method from usage: generate unique parameters names

IDEA-54193 (Bug)

Flex conditional definitions like BUILD::Date should not be treated as class Date.

IDEA-26743 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: static namespace

IDEA-54567 (Bug)

flex: Ctrl-W fails to select AsDoc

IDEA-50809 (Bug)

Flex library compilation: do not try to include in SWC classes that do not exist

IDEA-54568 (Bug)

flex: 'Remove unused method" QuickFix leaves asdoc of old method lingering around

IDEA-54278 (Bug)

Extract function refactoring is placing new function between ASDoc and function declaration of exisiting function

IDEA-54646 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: static final function

IDEA-54283 (Bug)

flex: mxml: invoking code completion for "navigateToUrl()" function inserts unused import

IDEA-54282 (Bug)

flex: "surround with..." does not show expected surrounders if current statement does not have semicolon terminator

IDEA-54281 (Bug)

flex: ctrl-w should include a step that selects whole contents of class block without "class x { ... }" itself

IDEA-26522 (Bug)

Flex MXML: tags not highlighed as errors when they should be using Flex 4.

IDEA-54571 (Bug)

flex: "remove unused parameter" QuickFix breaks code (leaves trailing comma)

IDEA-54264 (Bug)

Inline method should not inline methods hierarchy

IDEA-54269 (Bug)

Inline method: method body is not reformatted

IDEA-54268 (Bug)

Create constant out of an assignment expression generates red code

IDEA-54074 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: access of inaccessible namespace

IDEA-54092 (Bug)

mxml: inline method corrupts code

IDEA-54493 (Bug)

MXML editor does not mark compilation problem with missing outerDocument

IDEA-53779 (Bug)

Generated imports lists are different for Flex 3 and Flex 4 language namespaces

IDEA-53208 (Bug)

MXML highlighting: components from Flex SDK sporadically become red

IDEA-54069 (Bug)

Caret is put in wrong position after 'Insert cast' fix is applied

IDEA-51734 (Bug)

Smart step into works incorrect

IDEA-26546 (Bug)

import in mxml script block is highlighted as error

IDEA-54085 (Bug)

flex: "surround with..." order of surrounders needlessly inconsistent with Java

IDEA-54086 (Bug)

flex: surround with if(): ctrl-shift-enter annoying behavior

IDEA-54485 (Bug)

"Reformat Code" does not correct braces placement for JavaScript / ActionScript

IDEA-54529 (Bug)

No completion for 'use' keyword

IDEA-54088 (Exception)

flex: unwrapping empty block: IAE in RangeMarkerImpl



IDEA-54176 (Task)

Add a Help button and map a help ID

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Tomcat


IDEA-53513 (Bug)

Restart Server option no longer works

J2EE.Deployment and Run.Generic


IDEA-53929 (Bug)

JSR45 settings (Port Number) are refreshed every time after restart the IDEA



IDEA-41471 (Bug)

Idea thinks setter methods of EL ValueBindings/ValueExpressions are unused



IDEA-54029 (Feature)

Maven Grails: on importing and initializing maven grails pom run configuration could be created

IDEA-54204 (Feature)

Grails 1.3: isDirty() GORM method could be resolved

IDEA-54548 (Feature)

Allow to specify custom environment variables in Grails/Griffon run configuration

IDEA-54214 (Usability Problem)

Maven Grails: on installing a plugin the application cannot be run until adding a Groovy SDK to the plugin module

IDEA-53975 (Usability Problem)

Grails: Maven Grails SDK is suggested for new module, but does not cause create-app

IDEA-54173 (Usability Problem)

When Grails synchronization makes no action nothing is shown to user

IDEA-54145 (Task)

Support Grails 1.3 command line test-app format

IDEA-54237 (Bug)

Can no longer compiler Grails source code with Intellij9 9.0.2

IDEA-53955 (Bug)

Grails: application name is not passed to command line when running create-app

IDEA-54212 (Bug)

Maven Grails: Run Grails Target dialog has no completion

IDEA-51476 (Bug)

Grails: config option values with embedded code are ignored

IDEA-53915 (Bug)

Grails: AE at GrailsSettingsService.getProjectWorkDir() on attempt to run create-app when creating new module

IDEA-54361 (Bug)

wrong warning "Access to 'count' exceeds its access right"

IDEA-54470 (Bug)

Grails 1.3: wrong warning "isDitry() cannot be applied to String"

IDEA-53262 (Bug)

Grails reporting version as null

IDEA-54229 (Bug)

Class complete uses FQN with Groovy

IDEA-54158 (Bug)

At Grails 1.2.2 and latest, test classes can use the suffix "Test" instead of "Tests".

IDEA-54061 (Bug)

Grails: Synchronize Grails Settings adds a plugin content root on one invocation and removes it on the next one

IDEA-53922 (Bug)

Maven / Grails support: compiling taglib test fails: HttpServletRequest not found

IDEA-53981 (Exception)

Grails: NCDFE on attempt to run a test method



IDEA-54592 (Feature)

Add "Search for" to "Database Console" result window

IDEA-54227 (Usability Problem)

Provide way to disable auto-commit in Database Console

IDEA-54583 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: limit ? marked in red

IDEA-54662 (Bug)

In SQL console, date and time column values are displayed as timestamps

IDEA-54084 (Bug)

Good SQL is red

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-53989 (Bug)

Editor allows production code in module A to reference test code in module B when A depends on B

Version Control


IDEA-54100 (Feature)

Pass Disposable to CheckinHandler.getAfterCheckinConfigurationPanel()



IDEA-54582 (Bug)

AspectJ Support Highlighting incomplete

IDEA-54632 (Bug)

AspectJ: "Highlight usages" does not highlight actual usages of method parameters in method body

IDEA-54065 (Bug)

AspectJ: find usages, refactor/rename cannot be invoked for members declared as intertype declarations

IDEA-54314 (Bug)

AspectJ: type constructors defined in aspects are not recognized

IDEA-54063 (Bug)

AspectJ: provide autocompletion inside intertype declarations (method bodies)

IDEA-54316 (Exception)

NPE at com.sixrr.guiceyidea.inspections.MultipleInjectedConstructorsForClassInspection$Visitor.visitMethod

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-54515 (Bug)

JavaScript Debugger Broken in 9.0.2



IDEA-50491 (Feature)

Trim long string values by default

IDEA-50656 (Bug)

Show linefeed and tab characters in string values

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